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Western Revival’s Own Politically Correct Newspeak Dictionary!

“It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought … should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependent on words.” – George Orwell, 1984

“So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.” – also George Orwell

Anti-Racism – The belief that every group difference and lack of material success on the part of non-whites is the result of hundreds of years of planned white exploitation. Whites, as a group, are expected to realize that they are all racist and benefit from this exploitation, and therefore must give all that is demanded of them quietly for the rest of their lives. Part of the destruction process of the bogeyman of white racism is to annihilate the European identity, cultures, values systems, religions, Western Civilization and ultimately white people altogether. Resisters are met with shouts and forced ‘sensitivity training’ classes. All stereotypes and racist ideas are doggedly fought against – except for the one that says whites are evil, and that all civilizations and cultures are valued except Western ones. Anti-racist picketers often assemble where a white person has been accused of a crime against a non-white and are heard to be loudly calling for blood even before the accuse has been proven guilty in a court of law. If the accuse is proven innocent, no anti-racist picketers will apologize. Anti-racist picketers are never seen where white people have been victimized by non-whites, even if its been proven that the party was guilty and the motive was racist.

Anti-Semite – Anyone that pisses off left-wing Jewish activist groups or criticizes the tendency of mainstream diaspora Jewry and its media outlets to embrace left-wing views destructive of Western Civilization, even when such views are damaging to Israel and the longevity of Jewry itself. Critics are often compared with Hitler, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Muslim units of the Waffen SS, or members of Hizbollah. This term also applies to politically conservative Jews who criticize their liberal and Leftist brethren. In that case, the favored term is Kapo.

Bigot – Anyone who expresses values or ideas inconsistent with political correctness and multiculturalism, or hates groups which should not be hated as opposed to hating groups which should be hated. This person is also skeptical of post-1960 interpretations of history and has reservations against the self-proclaimed rosy colored motives of social liberals.

Censorship – When the National Endowment for the Arts does not support pornographic paintings with public money as opposed to Muslims living in Western countries demanding that offensive speech be silenced and blasphemous books, magazines, religious displays, and movies be forbidden and their authors jailed. This is tolerance and diversity.

Christian – An in-transition belief system which is under heavy influence by politically correct thought and televangelist shysters. Congregations who have embraced liberalization and homosexual marriage are semi-acceptable members of the community whereas traditional congregations are bigots.

Civil Rights – Generally the practice of selective moral outrage based on political correctness and financial profit. It includes the demand for racial quotas, set-asides and other preferences for pet victim groups. The umbrella term ‘civil rights’ include the right to beat the crap out of white people who say things that members of celebrated victim groups do not like (refer to the Jena 6), and the right to treat members of majority groups accused of crimes as guilty before proven innocent (but it’s racist to do that with minorities) and never having to say you’re sorry afterward (refer to the Duke University lacrosse team). Press conferences and marches are usually led by people with a history of racial slurs at groups that it is politically correct to slur and may also have a history of spitting in their food.

Closet – Where people who disagree with multiculturalism and political correctness belong.

Criminal – Victim of society.

Culture – The celebration and practice of multiculturalism, publicly funded sexually deviant art, the repudiation of all things European and capitalist, and on college campuses frequently includes readings of debunked Marxist screeds such as, I, Rigoberta Menchu.

Cultural Genocide – When large numbers of Han Chinese migrate into Tibet, as opposed to when large numbers of Mexicans and Muslims move into the West. That is called ‘cultural diversity.’

Democracy – The end result of the ongoing program of politically correct/liberal/neo-Marxist social engineering, done without informed consent, public debate, or a vote. (See enlightenment).

Disadvantaged – Non-white groups, presumably impoverished. Their experience is never a fault of their own but rather the cumulative effect of institutional racism (see institutional racism and the effects of slavery).

Diversity – Forced appreciation of the deluge of Western countries with the teeming masses of inassimilable Third Worlders who are often hostile to our culture and way of life. According to this dogma, anything goes and we must like it; excluding of course, traditional European cultural values. We are required to accommodate all migrants by changing our culture and values to be compatible with theirs and ultimately by stepping aside and allowing them to take the helm in our own countries. This appreciation is compulsory because anyone who does not tow the line is verbally abused and socially ostracized, and in Canada and Western Europe, can be jailed (see bigot and intolerant).

Effects of Slavery – The universal excuse given for any negative black behavior, especially if the behavior is practiced on a wide scale and if it contributes to or produces unequal outcomes in comparison to whites in general. It is also invoked as a means of avoiding other groups from looking poorly at blacks due to things such as high crime rates. Personal responsibility is discussed little, if at all, and generally disappears down the memory hole.

Enlightenment – The process of bashing, rejecting, and replacing traditional Western culture with modern multiculturalism. This process is wholly undemocratic because the cultural and academic elites who are promoting it don’t care what you think, anyway (see democracy).

Enrichment – Displacement and replacement of populations and cultures in historically white countries (and only such countries) with anyone else.

Equality – Jealousy and lack of work ethic applied to social relations. Equal outcomes are demanded, regardless of the effort or competency of the individuals in question. Underachievers are assumed to be so due to institutional racism and the effects of slavery, not by a lack of merit or hard work.

Ethnolinguistic Group – Tribe.

Fascist – Anyone the Left does not like.

Free Speech – Defined according to political correctness and not Constitutional law. Forbids comments offensive to celebrated minority groups and social fringe groups, but generously allows slurs against majority groups (See white person and Christian).

Hate – Disagreement with alternative lifestyles, force-fed diversity, loose immigration enforcement, force-fed diversity training programs and/or Third World cultural practices. One who disagrees with multiculturalism, racial quotas, white guilt shakedowns, etc. (see also bigot).

Hate Crime – The selective criminalization of thought applied strictly in accordance with politically correct victim groups. Delegates that certain victims are more victims than other victims, therefore harsher penalties should be applied. Used against people who commit certain crimes while having certain thoughts against certain victims, as opposed to people who hate everybody and kill everyone they can get their hands on. This kind of legislation was invented and authored by special interest groups that define the term “hate” according to their agenda (refer to the ADL).

Hate Speech – Words which offend members of select groups and the extremely sensitive. People who speak against amnesty for illegal aliens are engaging in Hate Speech, whereas rappers who verbally degrade women, white people, and America are not. This kind of expression is called culture. ‘Hate speech’ is often the rallying cry used when attempting to incite a speech-based ideological witch hunt.

Homophobe – Anyone who disagrees with the radical homosexual agenda or doesn’t believe that people are born gay in spite of there being no evidence to that end. The intentional implication is that there is no such thing as a legitimate disagreement on the issue, therefore he who disagrees has underlying mental problems. Inflating disagreement into abnormal psychology (phobia) is a technique borrowed from the Soviet Union. The next step in Communist countries was incarceration in a mental hospital and forced medication. Here, we can be lucky it’s merely social ostracization.

Institutional Racism – The way of blaming white people for the lack of material success of members of celebrated minority groups who have failed to follow the required actions of material success such as gainful employment, scholastic study, and the rejection of criminal behavior (see equality and effects of slavery).

Intolerance – Anyone with a moral code or worldview which is against the social philosophies of political correctness and multiculturalism. This category includes Christians but excludes Muslims, Jews, pagans, and Satan worshipers. This category also includes Americans unwilling to bend their culture, laws, values, and borders to accommodate Third World migrants.

Islamophobe – The Muslim variant of the word ‘anti-Semite’ which, like the term homophobe, smartly adopts the Soviet and Communist Chinese method of labeling people they disagree with mentally ill (phobic) as to discredit and silence them.

Israel – The only country in the developed world where a conscious ethnostate is allowed, but only on grounds of historical victimization rather than the natural right of all peoples to a sovereign homeland. Otherwise, they’d be slammed as Nazis.

Justice – Blaming, punishing, and collecting spoils from a visibly identifiable group of people due to the alleged deeds of their ancestors with no other evidence of ancestral guilt than shared skin color as a way of dispensing justice to another visibly identifiable group in the name of color-blindness and post-racialism. (Also see righting wrongs).

Majoritarian – Unwanted expressions of self-determination, typically by light-skinned majority groups in Western countries.

Man – Oppressor, polluter.

Mansplaining – Male attempts to explain why they don’t conform with radical feminism.

Minority – Non-whites in general, specifically non-white males in particular, regardless of location demographics. If a city is majority non-white, there will remain special set-aside programs for ‘minorities’ which will absolutely exclude whites. These minority groups are the darlings of media and academia (see disadvantaged).

Multiculturalism – In the 1980s it was known as pluralism and is the opposite of assimilation. The purpose of multiculturalist theory is to put a positive spin on Third World migrants who refuse to assimilate by directing us to “embrace diversity.” This is meant to place the responsibility of ‘getting along’ on the population of the destination country rather than expecting the migrants to respect their host’s customs, laws, and mores. This is always a one-way street. For example, ‘Rioting’ in France had nothing to do with the hostility and irreconcilability of the Islamic culture with the West, but rather the ‘failure’ of the French to embrace Islamic migrants enough and give them things and shed their identity to suit Sharia.

Neo-con – A code word for “I hate America.”

Patriot – Someone who respects modern multiculturalist values, political correctness, racial quotas, homosexual marriage, generous social welfare programs, hates pre-1965 America, and firmly believes that the Founders (not Founding Fathers) intended a multicultural America from the start. Anyone who disagrees with this is not a patriot, but a bigot.

Political Correctness – Preferred term is ‘culturally sensitive.’ The state of ultimate enlightenment in which all cultures, races, values, and religions are respected and promoted except those of the white European. Intended as a replacement for traditional religions which are intolerant.

Professors – Leftist intellectuals who should rule the world.

Profiling – The unacceptable practice of using crime statistics to determine which identifiable groups are more likely to commit certain types of crime or acts of terrorism, regardless of the accuracy of the data. It is, however, socially acceptable when the suspect is thought to be a white person such as the Beltway Sniper, or the topic of the discussion is The Tricknology of the White Man.

Racist – Someone who does not agree with the agendas of minority ethnic lobbying groups and Leftist university professors. The most commonly-labeled group are white people (often synonymous with bigot).

Rainforest – Jungle.

Righting Wrongs – Code word for economic confiscation and income transfer related to historical white guilt (see justice).

Tolerance – The requirement that others must respect your culture, views, or lifestyle, without your having to respect their right to disagree with it.

Victim – Any member of a currently celebrated lifestyle or ethnic minority group, without regard to whether one has actually been a victim of anything or not.

Vigilantes – American citizens who are concerned about crime and the unlawful breach of their borders and who organize into citizens’ groups to aid overwhelmed law enforcement agencies in reporting crime. Organized vigilante groups include: The Minutemen, Guardian Angels, and Neighborhood Watch.

Whiteness – The artificial construct that doesn’t exist but is to blame for everything wrong in the world.

White Person – Melanin-impoverished member of a mutant albino genetically recessive laboratory-made global minority in the process of being phased out. Also commonly victimized in prison rapes for the delight of others. White people are a collective monolith of perpetrators who work overtime in keeping everyone down by their lack of opening their borders and welfare agencies to all (non-white) comers. People who are actually white aren’t supposed to notice they are white, but are supposed to notice and blindly respect all non-whites around them and admire their cultures without question. The proper place of a white person is one of self-flagellation and self-loathing. Good whites believe every complaint against their people by everyone without question and do not ask for the allegations to be substantiated. White person is synonymous with evil. All things white are to be reviled, bashed, and rejected, especially by white people. White people are the only acceptable scapegoat group, and nobody ever defends a white person who is scapegoated or attacked for being white because there is no such thing as a white victim since white people on average have more ‘stuff’ than other groups. White people represent the bourgeois exploiter class in Marxist class conflict theory applied to race relations. Hate against this class is healthy.

White Privilege – White people engaging in any act of self-interest otherwise allowed any other demographic. Broad-brush explanation for why white people fare better socially, economically, and educationally than demographics with markedly lower average IQs, high crime and out of wedlock birth rates, and higher rates of acceptable cultural violence.

Whitesplaining – White people who resist being the world’s scapegoat who introduce other explanations outside of global racial supremacist conspiracy theories to explain unequal outcomes.

Woman – Victim.