Aphorism a la Mode

Authored by Ex-Leftist and Joe McCarthy

Updated occasionally

To unleash the demons of the future we must shed the demons of the past.

A thorough understanding of Europe’s past is vital to insuring Europe’s future.

Where the ballot fails the cartridge box prevails.

Mysticism begins where science ends.

Thoroughly honest men are usually thoroughly hated.

Ride the wave. Don’t stand against it.

Socialism summed up: The triumph of the trash.

There is nothing more pathetic than a Euro-leftist who decries American hegemony while munching on a Quarter Pounder.

The definition of a ‘moderate’ Muslim: One that hasn’t received flight lessons.

The acquisition of knowledge brings us closer to God.

Men die. Their ideas do not.

The intelligent man reads what he wants, the brilliant man reads what he doesn’t want.

Infrequent use of profanity emphasizes everything. Frequent use of profanity emphasizes nothing.

He who has many friends has no friends, says Aristotle.

Han Chinese moving into Tibet – ‘cultural genocide.’ Mexicans and Muslims moving into the West¬†– ‘cultural diversity.’

Fascist is what you’re called if you speak ill of non-whites or Muslims. Progressive is what you’re called if you speak ill of white men.

One observes that those who believe in the imminent return of Christ rarely cancel their insurance policy.

Sayeth Schopenhauer: Every altruistic act has a selfish motive.

Jesus Christ himself could not bring peace to the Middle East. What makes anyone think George Bush can?

If diversity is our strength, shouldn’t we remain diverse?

Latinos are ‘people of color’ and ‘minorities’ for quotas and aid programs but are ‘white’ when they commit crime.

Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented immigrant’ is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.

Jeb Bush’s family portrait looks like a Border Patrol agent with that day’s catch.

The right or wrong of a case does not win arguments so much as the combatant with the greater knowledge of the subject contested.

Do not disturb proles with higher pursuits. Leave them to their beer, debauchery, and other trivial pursuits. To do otherwise is like teaching calculus to a cow: in the end you only manage to both frustrate yourself and annoy the cow.

The purpose of law is to proscribe behavior that responsible people would refrain from regardless.

The man who despises all religion is a ‘free thinker.’ The man who despises one or two religions is a ‘bigot.’ Such is the logic of the modern zeitgeist.

The revolution of the mind precedes the revolution in the streets.

Not all readers are smart, but all smart people are readers.

Oh Paris in the springtime… the sunsets, the skyline, the cafes, the Jihadists… oh Paris in the springtime…

The passage of time makes things sacred. The huckster of today is the prophet of the distant tomorrow.

The best deceivers are those that can deceive themselves.

The duplicity of the American mass media has gone on long enough. They do not report the news, they make it. When Barack Hussein Obama, the one presidential aspirant that makes Dan Quayle seem qualified by comparison, can be dubbed a legitimate contender, it indicates that the media has lost all sense of reality or objectivity.

Our generation has a unique purpose and sense of mission that every generation heretofore has lacked. We are to insure that everything our ancestors fought and died for, slaved and strived for, was not in vain.

It’s commonly said that libertarians are conservatives that smoke dope. A more ape description is that they are liberals that love capitalism.

Pride is the luxury of those who can afford it.

The feminists have traded in the real source of female power – humility, kindness, loveliness, etc. – for full time jobs, childlessness, and diseases once only common among males.

Pop-culture trash makes people weak, decadent, and materialistic. In other words, it makes them modern Americans.

An ‘open mind’ is like an open sewer, and more often than not both contain the same contents.

A dogged and determined minority can always outmaneuver and dominate a contended, apathetic majority.

The body should be fed moderately, the mind heavily.

There is no need to ever go to Mexico. If you wait long enough, Mexico comes to you.

Sayeth Schopenhauer: If a fool writes a book, he will have a million readers.

Oh what a¬†frustrating process learning is! Study only reveals greater horizons of the unknown. Knowledge is like chasing the Tao. The more you know, the more you don’t know.

To say ‘white American’ is to utter what is redundant. For without whites, there is no America.

It is a quirk of the species that humans seek to breed dogs to perfection yet are wholly lacking in this conservation when choosing a mate.

Beware the siren song of those who cry ‘hate.’ They are the biggest haters of all. These hypocrites stand at the forefront and offer the paradox of hating ‘haters.’

To read the great works of the past is to glory in and pay homage to one’s ancestors. It is a religious sacrament.

King Kong: A big ape chasing a blonde… based on a true story.

They say moderation is key, but how many ‘moderate’ drinkers are seen stumbling out of beer halls?

The process of Western cultural decline is stark. In six short decades we have gone from Glenn Miller to 50 Cent.

Sayeth Schopenhauer: The man who writes incomprehensibly compensates for having nothing to say.

Greeks in antiquity often attended outdoor philosophical lectures in large numbers. Modern Westerners jam to Slipknot. The liberal myth of inexorable progress of man has proven hollow.

That which isn’t real is more real than what is real. The ‘Orthodox’ belief is the best belief.

It’s been wisely observed: Truth is hate to those that hate the truth.

The people love their wars, circuses, and government cheese – and they usually get all three.