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This site is owned and operated by a woman whose chosen pen name is Ex-Leftist.

Having taken a rather unorthodox path through politics and life in general, she began as a default liberal as do so many American youth, her mother having been an immigrant to America with only a 4th grade education in her own country left her unprepared to offer her any guidance on the American political landscape to her children in her adopted home country. After having wasted most of her teen years dabbling in New Age pseudo-religious drivel (her mother alienated from the Roman Catholic faith), Ex-Leftist set off in her late teens and early 20s in seeking to understand the greater political world around her by visiting the Denver Public Library in downtown Denver and browsing their 3rd floor political science collections.

In those early library days, she read everything she could get her hands on about Malcolm X and came to a great admiration of him. In part due to this, she began to explore the Nation of Islam and its teachings (no, she didn’t join, she’s white and they don’t accept white members) which led her to seriously exploring converting to Sunni Islam before – thankfully – she read some of the exposes on Islam written by people such as P. Newton with Rafiqul-Haqq and Ibn Warraq, which left her on the verge of projectile vomiting.

It happened to be that in her Islam-curious stage, she unwittingly wandered into a store on the east side of Denver that was a bookstore owned and operated by an Assistant Minister of the Nation of Islam who welcomed her in to learn about them. That was the first time in which she was exposed to a strong, positive racial identity and sense of community and belonging based on common heritage which not only made her look at her own lack of such an identity but also which did not leave her. She began to ask why don’t white folks have the same positive, healthy view of their heritage, and why does she feel like she’s doing something wrong if she has a positive view of her ancestry?

While exploring the library, she unwittingly delved herself into anti-American, anti-white, anti-male, anti-capitalist screeds of all types, thinking these people could be taken on face value as simply seeking a more just world. Specifically the book that sent her over the political deep end was Hidden Agendas by John Pilger. After being morally outraged by this book, she used its bibliography to read more about the topic, not realizing that most of the authors quoted were partisan hack Leftists with little to no substantive backing for their claims. (Michael Parenti has at least one totally fake citation in Blackshirts and Reds.)

She found out later that moral concern is true to rank-and-file members of the left who haven’t thought through the issue very deeply, but to a large degree it is not, specifically among the leaders and founders of these movements who even lie to their rank and file to whip them up into a malleable frenzy, as she later realized which led her on a path of political disillusionment with the Left.

She came to realize that these movements are specifically constructed to overthrow society and the Western world as we know it, in no small part due to the persistent belief among the Left that the ‘ruling class’ has established and maintains all social, legal, governmental, and political institutions in a way to consolidate and protect their power and oppression over others.

The only solution to this, in the eyes of the Left, is to overthrow the system, all social relations including culture, religion, marriage, and the traditional family unit, and rebuild society in the eyes of Left intellectuals. No doubt you’ve all heard this as this viewpoint is increasingly heard in media and on campus. It is Marxism. Those that believe these things often do not realize they are adopting Marxist thought, but that’s exactly what this stuff is, and this issue is also addressed on the pages of Western Revival.*

Largely these goals are being attacked and slowly met through piecemeal means as opposed to violent overthrow, which is not a possible way for them to attain the power they wish. Subversion is the ticket.

One of their biggest means of gaining support has been by recruiting people who feel socially outcast, such as homosexuals, and trying to tunnel their feelings into a greater, anti-social revolutionary cause.

One glaring issue which caused her no small amount of distress was the lack of moral consistency by the political Left: Anti-racist but in a one-way street variety which proves they aren’t anti-racist at all. Anti-imperialist in a one-way street variety specifically ignoring the colonial adventures of Leftist regimes and those the Left ally with such as Muslims, and so forth. Moral and intellectual consistency are not a strong suits of the political Left.

Partly due to this over the years, she began asking herself why she believes what she believes and if these things she feels she should believe and do are a result of internalized political propaganda or something of actual worth?

That’s when the intellectual Purge began to happen: she realized that the Left blame society for personal behavioral issues as a means of attacking society (who says crime doesn’t cause poverty instead of poverty causing crime?) and Western identity (white positive identity is intrinsically evil), not actually dealing with a real problem. She realized that the academic and political Left blame society without asking questions first: What did this person do that keeps him in economic straits? Could the culture this person comes from have any negative impact on the outcomes of its members? Do IQ group differences have any play in comparative socioeconomic development and why isn’t this being looked at before collective blame is assigned to the Western world for the lack of historical advancement of poor nations, and isn’t it racist to blame a whole group of people without bothering to qualify that they actually are to blame?

After her breaking ties with the political Left, she began writing about the Left to expose what it’s about and how dangerous its agenda is to Western Civilization. She came to realize later that her vulnerability to Leftist anti-Western viewpoints was caused by influences from the far Left even into childhood, such as from media, schools, and social contacts with other children. Specifically, that it already established in her by social osmosis upon where when she began political exploration, she already had a degree of negative attitude that her own country, culture, race, society, and ancestral traditions because the social messages were all that they are evil and to be disdained and rejected.

When people believe that early on, they already give legitimacy in their minds to concepts against and hostile to their country and way of life, and have a tendency to exaggerate their own history and downplay the historical atrocities of other groups. That is in short what Western Revival is all about: To warn people of what is going on, why we are seeing what we are seeing, who is doing it, and what we can do to combat it. The key to all of these is simple. Education.

We need to understand what is going on beyond the false veneers these hostile political and social movements are presenting to the public and deprive them of their unwitting following.

Over the years, the radical Left’s social vision has increasingly permeated mainstream Western capitalist liberal thought as well, and this website is also a warning to them.

The goal of Western Revival is to help save Western Civilization from those that hate it, and to help those within it to stop disliking it due to their being influenced by radical hypocrites with one-way street moral outrage.

Remember a simple thing whenever you read something by someone with a bone to pick at society: Are they being intellectually and morally consistent, or are they just attacking your country and your people?

Aside from her political crusade (crusade is a complimentary word, not an insulting one as the Left would have you think. It refers to the self-defense of the West), she enjoys traveling, exercising, the opposite sex, movies at the Century Aurora (if you’re in Denver, throw them some  $upport), computer gaming, and is considering dabbling in law enforcement (she’s currently volunteering at a local police department) on top of her current work in the nursing field.

Feel free to contact her at comments@westernrevival.org


*On the topic of Marxist influence in American social movements, the ex-Radical Marxist author David Horowitz is a superb source in understanding what the New Left is, what it wants, and why it wants it. The New Left are the former radicals from the 1960s that broke for the most part with ‘orthodox’ Marxism but yet retain its key percepts and concepts. New Left thought is now dominant in the American Democratic Party, especially on social issues. Excellent resources from Horowitz include his books, Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes, Radical Son, Left Illusions, and The Black Book of the American Left. Horowitz’s writings actually helped the owner of this site in her journey out of Leftism, as it answered some questions and contradictions she was wrestling with.