CopBlock : Anarchist/Marxist Anti-Police Front Group


by Ex-Leftist


Anarchism and Marxism aren’t necessarily very far apart. Their views toward police are very similar, with anarchists clearly borrowing heavily from Marxist thinkers. As such, they hate cops. Period. Always. Without exception.

Cops are oppressive pigs regardless of how ethical they try to be.

And one of the founders of CopBlock is an Anarchist, which explains why CopBlock’s website and videos are full of negative jumps to conclusion about police without bothering to wait for facts to emerge. Why? They hate cops and everything else is just window dressing, geared toward getting everyone else to hate cops, too.

They aren’t interested in ethical policing; they’re interested in opportunistic propagandizing against police.

Of course they don’t advertise themselves as unappeasable cop haters; that part is discovered by scrutinizing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

Anarchists adopt Marxist thought as much as they dislike Marxist practice. Thus we see in this video by CopBlock ideas about the purpose of police that originate among Marxist thinkers. The video states why police body cameras are irrelevant and won’t please them:

“What if they put a camera on every single cop? Is it going to change the nature of what a cop is? Is it going to change the nature of the function they serve? Because what do they do? Cops are here to enforce the will of the elite and that it is it. They do not protect and serve you from squat; they protect and serve the elite – the law makers, the owners of society, the state. They are nothing more than that. They are domestic military. That’s all cops are, that’s all they’ve ever been, and hanging a camera on them won’t do one thing… The push for body cameras is just the latest attempt to salvage public opinion. An investment in body cameras by police just convoludes [sic] the underlying issue – the fact that police, and the entire injustice system, are based on coercion.”

Anyone familiar with Marxist thought hears the overlap immediately.

Karl Marx wrote that,

 “The ‘police’, the ‘judiciary’, and the ‘administration’ are not the representatives of a civil society which administers its own universal interests in them and through them; they are the representatives of the state and their task is to administer the state against civil society.”

From V.I. Lenin:

 “A standing army and police are the chief instruments of state power.”

Lenin viewed police as part of the apparatus in the way of revolutionary Socialism:

“As a slogan of the Social-Democratic Party, unity today means unity with the opportunists and submission to them (or to their bloc with the bourgeoisie). This is a slogan which in actual fact aids the police and the reactionaries, and is disastrous to the labour movement.”

And modern Marxists teach that,

The racism of the police is therefore not merely an ideological construction, the result of “bad people,” “bad will,” or “bad ideas.” Rather, it reflects a deeper objective reality. Social being determines social consciousness. Scarcity leads to a struggle over limited resources. Those who have the bulk of the wealth are in a minority, and must therefore hire a force able and willing to unleash devastating viciousness against the majority in order to “keep them in line.”

In general,

Marxists essentially see crime and deviance as defined by the ruling class and used as a means of social control – if you don’t conform then you will be punished. Institutions such as the police, the justice system, prisons and schools, the family and religion are there to encourage you to conform.

And what do we see Left movements doing now? Warring on police, the justice system, schools, the traditional family, and religion.

Because that’s what Marx taught them to do.

Burn this bitch down.