Prison Rape: A Largely Black-on-White Racial Hate Crime

by Ex-Leftist

“Anything white, even a defenseless punk, is part of what the blackman hates. It’s a part of what he’s had to fight all his life just to survive, just to have a hole to sleep in and some garbage to eat… It’s a new ego thing. He can show he’s a man by making a white guy into a girl.”

This is one of many splendid examples of how the mainstream media sits on facts that are unpleasant to the liberal ear. The depictions they show of prison rape are typically ones of sexually frustrated men taking their pent-up lusts out on each other. But is that how it really is? Not according to decades of prison rape studies, it isn’t.

Those studies show that most prison rape is racially-motivated and is black on white.

Male Prison Rape: A Search for Causation and Prevention by Gordon James Knowles of the University of Hawaii illustrated this using decades of data.

While media, academia, and activists parrot the common myth that whites are always victimizing blacks, crime statistics show a far different story. Down the memory hole are literally decades of consistent figures that show, year after year,  that non-whites – especially blacks – victimize whites far more ofen than vice versa. One of the most disparate of these is male-on-male prison rape. Since activist media are aware that such things make non-whites look badly and may racially inflame whites, these inconvenient facts are regarded as non-exitent and not spoken of. By their silence, these issues are relegated to the taboo. After all, in our politically correct climate, the majority of Americans (whites) are expected to quietly accept their roles as scapegoats. Ask yourself why the media would so consistently black out this topic from coverage.

From the study,


This research utilizes a content analysis methodology to examine the issues raised in the literature to gain a sociological understanding of male prison rape; but more importantly to focus on why whites are raped by blacks more than any other racial or ethnic group.

The fact remains that blacks continually and almost exclusively rape whites in prison. The evidence is based on studies conducted over the last 40 years (Davis 1968; Nacci 1978; Lookwood 1980; Starchild 1990). Why does this white victim preference prevail? Whites continue to be raped more severely and frequently and at a disproportionate rate than any other racial or ethnic group in Gones 1967; Bowker 1980; Lookwood 9180). This racial inequality may be the largest in any violent crime committed in the United States.

Rape in prison is rarely a sexual act, but one of violence, politics, and acting out power roles (Rideau and Wikberg 1992, p. 75). The act of rape in the ultra masculine world is prison constitutes the ultimate humiliation visited upon a male by forcing him to assume the role of a woman.

In American prisons, studies by sociologists suggest that more than 90% of rapes are inter-racial and may be motivated more by a need for sexual dominance over another race than by sexual passions (Starchild 1990, p. 145). Many rapes are by blacks on whites, suggesting that it is gives the lower-class black, who has felt trod upon all his life, his one chance to dominate a white person (Starchild 1990, p. 145). Consequently, the victims are almost always young white prisoners.

Scacco (1982, p. 91) has also noted a disproportionate number of black aggressors and white victims in studies of sexual assaults in jails and prisons. Even if the minority of prisoners are black, the minority of victims are white (Sacco 1982, p. 91). When Lookwood (1980, p. 28) asked ‘targets’ to identify their aggressors at the time of their rape, most were black (80%), some were Hispanic (14%), and a few were white (6%).

When Jones asked prisoners at the Tennessee State Penitentiary about the races of the aggressors and victims in rape incidents, nearly all whites agreed that the aggressors were black and the victims were white. (Bowker 1980, p. 8). However, Bowker (1980, p. 8) did note that most black respondents claimed that both blacks and whites raped whites frequently, and there were occasions when blacks raped blacks.

As discussed, it is unusual for either black or Chicano youngsters to be turned out.  The black and Mexican-Americans tend to look out for their own  and will not turn out one of their own race (Wooden and Parker, 1982, p. 106). In the Tennessee Prison study, not one black prisoner was able to recall a single occurrence in which a white prisoner had raped or attempted to rape a black (Bowker 1980, p. 8). Sacco (1982, p. 68) also noted that men in prison will take advantage of opportunities to rape whites, however with a minority – they will most likely abstain.

When some of the black aggressors were questioned as to the reasons for making whites submit to sexual acts, their answers were usually ‘now it’s their turn’; a statement leading one to believe that there are definite socioracial overtones to the act of sexual victimization (Scacco 1982, p. 91). Scacco (1975) more frankly speaking, argues that blacks appear to be taking out their frustrations and feelings of exploitation on other inmates in the form of sexual attack domination, as ‘the oppressive characteristics of race relations in society as a whole penetrate the relationships between blacks and whites inside prisons’ (p. 5).

The Davis (1968) study also revealed race as a factor in sexual violence in the Philadelphia jails. He found ‘a disproportionate number of black aggressors and white victims’ upon examination of the 129 documented assaults. Fifty-six percent of the rapes were black-on-white; only 29% were black-on-black and only 15% were white-on-white (p. 15). There were no recorded incidents involving white aggressors and black victims (Carroll 1977, p. 418)

Although many causation factors have been suggested for prison rape, they are all overshadowed by the racial categories of the victims and the rapists. Prison rape has been shown throughout this study to be racially motivated by predominantly black inmates specifically against white inmates who in turn are the victims. Although more studies need to be conducted to confirm this theory, racial hatred of whites by blacks appears to be the main force driving prison rape. In fact, the US Department of Justice (1991, p. 15) noted that black (57%) and Hispanic (51%) violent inmates were at least four times more likely than white (11%) violent inmates to have victimized someone of a different race or ethnic group.

This persistent victimization of whites over any other ethnic or racial group is why conditions need to be implemented to protect whites from rape or future rapes in prison.

Don’t bet on it. Fear of inflaming blacks is more important than the safety of these rape victims or even acknowledging that they exist. White people, especially white men, are the Emmanuel Goldsteins in the modern political zeitgeist’s Two Minutes Hate. It is open season on whitey.

The authors of this paper are commendably willing to do what major media are not: to discuss the disproportionate percentages of crime offending in general in the United States and elsewhere in terms of racial origin. Not quite everyone in the world of academia is beating so large a political drum which motivates them to ignore such obvious in-your-face patters, after all. Eldridge Cleaver, deceased former Black Panther, wrote of his own similar racial motives in his days of serially raping white women as “an insurrectionary act” in his book Soul on Ice, a writing still popular with the Left and available everywhere for eager and gullible readers.

There is a common leftist undercurrent in American (and Western by extension) race relations which says that misplaced anger of all kinds visited upon random whites by non-whites is acceptable and not unhealthy. Also socially acceptable is non-white anger and externally-projected blame for one’s lack of overall material success in life, without regard whatsoever to one’s own behavior or attitude. In fact, this is so socially acceptable that Barack Obama used it to silence detractors and justify his association with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and got away with it.


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