NAACP: Police Have a Duty to Drop Dead


by Ex-Leftist


If someone calls 911 and its reported that a man is brandishing a gun and is threatening to shoot someone and attempts to shoot the officer that arrives and attempts to cuff him, that officer is obliged to shut up and die.

If the suspect is black.

Even if the cop is protecting black people.

This, of course, is unsurprisingly from an “anti-racist” organization with a very long history of being the opposite.

Yes, it’s the NAACP again, who previously whored themselves senseless in Colorado Springs by trying to get attention by claiming to be victims of a crime that happened on the opposite side of the building their small office is in. Later, they and the media that went along with them were collectively shit faced with embarrassment after the suspect said he was in deep financial trouble and wanted to attack the office of his tax preparer, who was once housed on the opposite side of the building where the bomb was found. They had also recently race baited in black-run Detroit that water shutoffs were “racist” because people have “a right” to water – or at least black people.

This group is so irrelevant and idiotic, THIS is what they do with themselves.

And now they’re telling white cops to shut up and die if a black suspect pulls a gun on them.

To quote the highly intellectual response to a (yes white) police officer in Oklahoma shooting an armed black male suspect,

“Police, as well as elected officials, have to be more sensitive that you know there is this mentality out there of shoot first and ask questions later and I think emphasis should be placed on trying to take those people alive.”

That is clearly a level of intellect that we can all aspire to, but very few of us will ever reach.

I really am jealous.

Ben Jealous.

And we have clear video evidence of the truth of the NAACP’s statement as well, as the officer was wearing a lapel camera. Note the equally morally concerned mob that formed after the shooting, with clearly open-minded attitudes that the officer may have actually shot this man in legitimate self-defense.


Kind of reminds you of the Ferguson hoax, doesn’t it?

Who is shooting first and asking questions later?

The NAACP and the mob in that video, and nobody else.

They repeatedly don’t bother to wait for evidence to unfold but are quick to make knee-jerk, hair-trigger judgments even while accusing others do doing so. They shoot their mouths off based on their own inherent racial biases which are confirmed at their cheerleading after taking a glance at the skin tones of those involved and little to nothing else. Just like in Ferguson. Just like with Duke Lacrosse. Just like with Tawana Brawley, and the list goes on.

Just give them attention, and give them money.


Notice they’re never outraged when a black cop is killed?