Anonymous Admits They’re Leftist Idiots

anonymousactivistby Ex-Leftist


If we don’t have enough examples of incoherent positions from Anonymous, we have yet another.

The amusing thing is that they indirectly admit everything their detractors say about them in this video. Cooperation is always welcome, and I thank you dear members of Anonymous.

Let’s look at what Anonymous have admitted about themselves, using a video they released called, “Anonymous Response to Chief White of Denver Police.”

There are a number of key comments by White that Anonymous neither denies nor challenges while it inserts random, out of context video snippets which they think “prove” some sort of case against the DPD.

Among the comments from Chief White that Anonymous did not contest are,

– “It [unrest in Denver after the Ferguson verdict] relates to the Anonymous group.”

– “They’re [Anonymous] anti-police. They’re confrontational… And they look for a confrontation.”

– “Anonymous is synonymous with anarchists.”

– “My goal is not to please them because they can’t be pleased.”

Instead what we see are out of context snippets placed in an attempt to debunk several of White’s other comments and an attempt to shift the burden of proof from themselves onto those they accuse:

“We challenge the Denver Police Department to prove that it serves a function other than to intimidate and harass marginalized peoples and repress public democratic assemblies in order to protect the interests of Denver’s economic elite.”

Not only is Anonymous trying to evade proving its claims, but it’s invoking the predicted Marxist view of police as hired enforcers for the ruling capitalist class.

And no, they haven’t the slightest clue that the burden of proof is on themselves here and not on the Denver Police.

Refer to the below speech by Marxist professor Michael Parenti on how the radical Left view police officers:


Included in the Anonymous video sampling in this “response” to the Denver Police are portions of a 26 minute video which I addressed and dismantled in an article titled,  “Retarded Left Wing Tactics 101.” They attempted to use it and other videos to make themselves appear as victims of the DPD.

anonymouskeyboardThe Left as a whole has largely (predictably) dropped the Ferguson case now that black racist Eric Holder’s FBI investigated in detail, reviewed all evidence and extensively interviewed witnesses and found that there was ZERO wrongdoing on Wilson’s part. They have quietly melted into the shadows much as they did after the George Zimmerman debacle, apparently having learned not a single thing.

(Watch them make themselves look even dumber by falsely connecting the “Stand Your Ground Law” to the death of Trayvon Martin.)

Indeed what can these assholes say after spending over half a year making even bigger asses of themselves just to have the FBI tell everyone that,

“At the time of his interview, federal prosecutors and agents were aware of the autopsy, DNA, and ballistics results, as detailed below. Wilson’s account was consistent with those results, and consistent with the accounts of other independent eyewitnesses, whose accounts were also consistent with the physical evidence. Wilson’s statements were consistent with each other in all material ways, and would not be subject to effective impeachment for inconsistencies or deviation from the physical evidence. Therefore, in analyzing all of the evidence, federal prosecutors found Wilson’s account to be credible.”

Needless to say, we have yet to see a retraction from Anonymous on the Ferguson issue let alone the outright apology they owe Officer Wilson especially, and the Ferguson PD in general for the hacking attack Anonymous launched against it due to the Brown shooting as well as Anonymous’ part in whipping up hysterical mobs that looted, burned, and murdered.

As we see in this video, these dolts have simply moved on to making more accusations against different police departments based on the same extremely weak hearsay “evidence” that exploded in their faces in the Ferguson case: unproven witness claims on TV with no evidence or statements from the accused parties.

Why do they keep doing this? Go back to White’s unchallenged statements that they hate cops.

AnonymousFTPLike so many juveniles involved with pet causes they fall into while associating with their wide-eyed and impressionable peers, they cannot handle their ill-conceived conclusions being challenged and react angrily when confronted. Thus, multiple members of the Anonymous crowd have accused me of “trolling” because I challenged these false narratives. Oddly, they don’t see themselves as guilty of “trolling” when they challenge people’s behavior in these videos but only when someone challenges their behavior. Even in the little things it seems these people are utterly incapable of moral consistency.

But that’s the radical Left. They don’t care about moral consistency; they don’t care about the Golden Rule. They care about The Cause and nothing shall stand in the way – including facts. Facts are often quickly fitted with cement shoes as they tend to get in the way of a good mob.

Besides, their rank and file tend to have limited educations and critical thinking skills.

Leaders of these Left movements are wilfully lying and most of the rank and file are simply too young and naïve to know better, thus they’re as children pulled along by a bad crowd they’ve fallen into.

And that is ultimately why we see no adult-level arguments for their beliefs and goals, but rather these stupid hip hoppy music videos with mined quotes. It is literally ALL they have.

AnonymousGirlShootingEnough of your unsubstantiated claims of rampant “murder” and “police brutality” and “serving moneyed interests.” Where are the remotest evidences for your far-reaching complaints?

Shit or get off the toilet.

Chop chop.

We do not forget lies. We do not forget Leftist propaganda.

Leftist dolts, expect us.

We are legion. We are people with brains.