Rampart: Hollywood’s Evil White Racist Male Based on non-White Police Corruption








by Ex-Leftist


Leave it to Hollywood to make a movie supposedly based on the notorious scandal in the LAPD Rampart Division and instead of anything resembling it, engages in political agitprop by depicting a mythological figure prominent in Leftist anti-police narratives everywhere: The evil white male sexist, racist xenophobic pig.

Woody Harrelson, yet again, seems all to willing to play a grotesque white figure in a movie and in this one he topped the cake. In the movie, there is a passing mention of a scandal involving two officers who are talking and trying to save their hides. The rest of the movie is pure fiction.

The actual scandal for which this movie was made revolved around a Latino police officer named Rafael Perez who was arrested for stealing over $800,000 worth of cocaine from the LAPD police evidence room for which he copped a plea deal to turn in other fellow corrupt cops including his black partner David Mack,













who was convicted of robbing over $700,000 from a Bank of America branch who then went on a Vegas gambling trip with Perez.

SugeKnight1Both officers had ties with the Piru Bloods street gang and Mack worked as the highly-paid off-duty personal bodyguard of known Compton Mob Piru Bloods member (and currently in jail on murder charges) the oft-in trouble Suge Knight. Perez also did security for Knight’s Death Row Records.

Bloods-affiliated rapper Tupac Shakur was shot to death in Knight’s BMW after a boxing match in Las Vegas after getting into a fight with a Crip. Mack is suspected to be involved in the murder of Tupac Shakur’s former friend-turned-rival Biggie Smalls who was killed with very rare armor-piercing Gecko 9mm bullets of which Mack was found to possess in his home. Bloods member Amir Muhammad aka Harry Billups was believed to be the killer working with Mack.

But let’s ignore this and make a movie about an evil white racist misogynistic male.

Perez’s gut-spilling included adultery, bad arrests, bad shootings, fabricated police reports (most involving himself and Mack) and over 100 charged individuals in various cases he was personally involved in were exonerated.


LAPDDurdenAnother partner of Perez was a black officer named Nino Durden who along with Perez, shot and framed a gang member named Javier Ovando (paralyzed and paid $15 million). The framing involved placing an AK 47 from police evidence on his person with serial numbers scratched out by Durden. Officer Durden even lied about the case on the stand and received extra jail time.

But let’s ignore this and make a movie about an evil white racist misogynistic male.



One of the officers Perez accused of making false arrests and filing false reports was a thankfully white male named Sgt. Brian Liddy, who was acquitted and filed suit. Needless to say, after this fiasco, Perez’s credibility in turning in other corrupt cops to lighten his sentence was questioned. Liddy was later rewarded over $5 million by a jury for violation of his civil rights.


But let’s ignore this and make a movie about an evil white racist misogynistic male.

Perez’s girlfriend’s apartment betrayed even more of his Bloods connections. Besides drug paraphernalia, several pounds of stolen drugs from the LAPD evidence room and money were found pictures of Perez wearing Bloods colors and throwing Bloods hand signs.

LAPDLyga-GainesTo add to the pile of already-existing Bloods connections, a black officer named Kevin “I hate fucking cops” Gaines was also working security for Death Row Records and was living with Suge Knight’s estranged wife Sharitha. Gaines was in a road rage incident with another LAPD officer Frank Lyga who was working undercover at the time. Lyga is unfortunately white and was found to have shot Gaines to death in lawful self-defense and a media sensation ensued against him on account of race, especially after black former LAPD officer Brian Bentley wrote a book about Rampart and accused him of “being rough with African-Americans.”

But who needs to recognize the low value of hearsay when you have to maintain an evil white racist misogynistic male caricature?

One pound of cocaine confiscated by Lyga was stolen by Perez, who investigators believe had done so as revenge for Gaines’ death.

In the end, Perez’s behavior led to over 140 civil suits against the LAPD which paid some $125 million in settlements.

So no, the Rampart Scandal wasn’t about an evil white racist misogynistic male like some early 20th century relic who just won’t get with the program; it was about corrupt non-white cops affiliated with the Bloods street gang with a side story of an ex-cop peddling a book wanting people to believe a black police chief covered for a brutal white racist cop that shot a corrupt black cop to death of which the investigation of opened a can of worms later called the Rampart Scandal.

But you’d never know that by the imprint left on the public mind… By the national media and Hollywood.

They had something else they wanted to talk about: An irrelevant flare-up of racial outrage over a white cop cleared for killing a (corrupt) black cop in a road rage incident and a movie featuring an evil white oppressor caricature of police officers that is popular in radical Leftist circles which totally avoided the actual scandal.







That is why this movie is agitprop.

The media and Hollywood don’t want Bloods members in the LAPD; they want the evil white male oppressor.

This is the essence of the movie Rampart. An evil white racist misogynistic male. And somehow this portrayal isn’t racist.