The Denver comPost’s Parallel Race-Based Kangaroo Court Journalism



An early headline on the bomb placed near the NAACP HQ in Colorado Springs reads,



NAACP bombing? With a hashtag?!

2 days out and we still don’t know this, but why wait for inconvenient things like facts when you can sensationalize, whore out, and draw attention to a pet cause?

Liberal media absolutely LOVE jumping to their own conclusions on select stories based on fragmented information and all too often make race-based assumptions. But hey, it’s almost always an Evil White Male or a Fuck the Police feeding frenzy, so it’s cool.

We’ve seen this with a host of things from Tawana Brawley to the Duke University lacrosse team to Officer Wilson and now what the Denver comPost is hyping as the “NAACP Bombing” and are doing so quite shamelessly.

“Colorado Springs NAACP Office Bombed Today” is the headline from the gutter-quality Daily Kos, but to see this kind of jumping to conclusion from a “professional objective journalist” writing for a mainstream news source is quite disheartening – especially when the article itself admits the FBI still does not know a motive and still does not know if the NAACP was the target.

But why let such inconvenient facts get in the way of The Narrative?

The media have been going hog-wild as of late fanning racial tensions by spinning news stories and sparking riots and police attacks by making junk speculations and leading people to draw false conclusions, so why stop now?

What? You think they’ve grown a conscience in the past couple months?

Jesse Paul of the Denver comPost specifically is the one writing these “NAACP bombing” articles, and unsurprisingly upon being contacted and challenged on his justification for these absolutely speculative jumps to conclusions based on not a shred of evidence – he offered nothing short of an unapologetic reassertion of it based on nothing more than racial stereotyping. Amusingly, Mr. Paul seems to have deleted those half-assed tweets to me attempting to rationalize his “thinking” to me which said nearly verbatim, “White guy, bomb, NAACP. Put it together.”

How is that not some racist shit?!

But there’s nothing to put together here other than Mr. Paul’s obvious personal political and racial biases kicking in like Pavlov’s Dog drooling at the sound of a bell.










He admits in today’s article that the “FBI exploring motive in Colorado Springs NAACP bombing” which means we don’t even know a motive (let alone that the NAACP was the intended target).

Here’s a hint: Don’t call it an “NAACP bombing” either unless the FBI says they were target.

Am I seriously asking too damned much?

But who needs the FBI when you have a political zealot of a half-assed journalist that drew that conclusion on his own and smothered his headlines in it because he seems to think we want his opinion more than updates on the case from the FBI?

This explosion could have been the result of a bad divorce or jealousy in a sex triangle. Or even a bad business deal or a drug deal gone bad or a case of mistaken identity. A disgruntled ex-worker? A grievance against the owner of the property and neither of the occupiers of it? Any number of things. But these don’t sell or racially inflame or conjure feelings of racial guilt, do they?

Clearly this Paul idiot never thought of it. He must have been absent from class when his professors went over ethics and objectivity in journalism. If he wishes to inject his opinions into topics, then he needs to place them in the op-ed column and employ the basic principles of persuasive writing. I’m tempted to mail this buffoon my old copy of the Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing. He would absolutely adore that textbook’s left-wing slant.

What is the crux of the story that Paul only admits to much later in his article after everyone’s been whipped into a frenzy by his leading headlines? That as of Jan. 8, 2015, the

Federal authorities have still not as of yet officially determined whether the NAACP chapter or the neighboring barbershop was the target of the bombing. But the owner of that shop, Gene Southerland, is adamant the blast could not have been aimed at him.

“Everybody loves me,” Southerland told a client on Wednesday.

Officials are seeking a “potential person of interest,” described as a balding white man, about 40 years old. Neighbors saw a man matching his description flee after the explosion.

Note he injects a false dichotomy: Either the NAACP or the barbershop. And gee, the barber says everyone adores him. Case closed.

Who needs the FBI when you have the Denver comPost?

What if it’s neither, you flaming idiot?

Feel free to offer him your warm congratulations for his stellar work in objective journalism. He seems very receptive and open-minded.