Are Media Liberals Showing More Concern for Pyongyang than American Leaders? You Bet.

by Ex-Leftist



Oh, it hurts!

A totalitarian butcher regime in North Korea hacks Sony Entertainment because of its upcoming comedy The Interview in which a couple of American assassins take out the dictator of the country.

Unsurprisingly, the usual suspects in the Western media are sympathetic to the ire of Pyongyang and are condemning Sony for doing such a thing, such as the Washington Post’s Morning Mix editor Justin Moyer.

Why is he upset? The usual things people on the Left rage about: Alleged stereotyping and racism.

Moyer complains,

Imagine a comedy about the assassination of a sitting head of state. Drawing on cultural stereotypes about a country considered backward by much of the world, the film launches its heroes on a mission to kill a buffoonish tyrant. Hilarity ensues.

This, more or less, is “The Interview,” an upcoming movie starring James Franco and Seth Rogen as goofballs enlisted by the CIA to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea wasn’t happy about “The Interview” — and may even have helped launch an epic hack of Sony, the company releasing the film, in retaliation.

It’s impossible to summon much sympathy for Kim Jong Un. But now imagine this assassination farce was made not in Hollywood, but in North Korea or Moscow, and the leader assassinated in the film was a president of the United States. Or imagine the film was made by Iran, and the leader assassinated in the film was the prime minister of Israel. Where “The Interview” draws on stereotypes about North Korea’s ridiculous, yet terrifying isolationism, this hypothetical film makes jokes about African Americans and Jews — perhaps about the incompetence of a black man in the White House, or about Israel’s right to exist.

Not so funny, is it? The North Korean, Russian or Iranian version of “The Interview” would be called racist. It would be called anti-Semitic. And some might even say it encourages psychopaths.


Yet we hear no such clamor when the butt of the hostility in media is an American president, specifically a Republican. So is it really about “cultural stereotyping” and “racism” or is it actually about Liberals favoring a Leftist regime over their own nation – even one that is so inexcusably brutal – because it in general practices an economic system favored by a large section of the Left, even if in a bastardized form?

I can’t help suspect the latter when thinking back at how many times militant black racist rappers have released music and speeches fantasizing about wiping out white Republican presidents (and white people as a whole) and city governments with absolutely no condemnation from the same political crowd now forming a protective ring around Pyongyang.

Where were the angry voices when the rapper Paris released a song called “Bush Killa” which depicted an assassination of President Bush followed by a Nation of Islam-inspired invective?

Where are the protestations against an album cover depicting the imminent assassination of an American president by the rapper himself?











And how about this nice album cover featuring a Che Guevara book?











And how about this very sensitive cover in reference to the victims of 9-11?

Think this guy sympathizes with Al Qaeda?












How about now?











Uproar? Hardly. This is “free speech” and “a reaction to oppression.”

Imagine the outrage if an American produced music featuring a terrorist attack against another country and celebrated it in his lyrics. Racism and cultural stereotyping? Yes – toward against Americans in general and conservatives in specific.

There is hypocrisy here and it’s coming from the likes of those that share the views of people like Justin Moyer.

And you can bet Ice Cube gave Paris permission to use his face above the burning towers in the above album cover. You know Ice Cube; that militant black racist-turned Hollywood darling? Why would Cube do that? He’s already released several albums full of the same America-hating, racist and pro-violence vitriol.

But who cares about that, the guys in Pyongyang have been upset! Oh noes!


How sad is it that we can predict the reactions of the vanguard of the political Left on any given topic based on the ethnic background and politics of the persons involved?