More on the SPLC’s Inverted Morality

by Ex-Leftist



Oh, my! Hurt feelers alert!

The SPLC is ever upset at a dumb gag a couple white people played when they photo bombed a television news correspondent. They felt the need to tweet about this in horror.

SPLChypocrisyBut as I’ve already given example of, this group isn’t antiracist any more than any other group that claims to be is not. As should be painfully obvious, when you claim to be “antiracist” and when you make a (literal) career about racism coming only from one group 99% of the time, there is something in the hell wrong with you.

Meet the SPLC.

After reams of articles on their website legitimizing the blatantly racist treatment of Officer Wilson in which hordes of not particularly bright people concluded after watching television back in August that he was guilty of murder without bothering to wait for such things as hearing Wilson’s account or waiting for the witness claims on television that had them so riled up verified for legitimacy, these ass hats have the audacity to don a straight face and climb upon a moral pedestal to clamor about… Racism.

But then again, the SPLC didn’t verify these two were actually mocking the Garner death, either. It’s a couple whites doing something that people of a certain mindset interpreted in a hostile way. We actually have no proof of anything. Not everyone pays that much attention to media that they would be up on the latest stories, anyway. It could be an inside joke for all we know.

And if it was about Garner? I’m sorry, where is the outrage about blacks coming to hostile conclusions about Wilson and burning shit up?

But these two aren’t apparently of an aggrieved demographic that has a special right to a wide berth regardless of how poor their behavior is so fuck it, consider them guilty before proven innocent like Wilson and tar and feather them.


This is the kind of garbage that the SPLC has been publishing about Ferguson:

Rage in Ferguson offers important lesson

Ferguson: Mistrust in criminal system formed by long history of discrimination

Radical right seethes with racism over Ferguson

As Ferguson, Mo., waits on word from Grand Jury, so does the Klan


As expected of the radical Left – let alone ones that are also career con artists skilled in invoking fear to rake in millions in donations – the outrage is always directed at the demographically dominant group and fault is never found in the behavior of minority groups and/or those perceived as disenfranchised by the dominant group.

Thus, there is no questioning the extremely poor behavior of people calling Wilson guilty based on his being a white cop, propped up by a massive case of confirmation bias in selection of witness claims to believe… Even while they take issue when someone of a swarthier demographic is judged without his having his say first.

No – the poor attitude of these people isn’t the problem here. It is YOU, white America.

This isn’t “antiracism” that the SPLC and other “antiracist” activists on the Left are doing; this is in your face, hard core anti-white racism.

There is absolutely nothing else to explain this kind of gross racial double standard and guilty before proven innocent mentality.


And I think they know it doesn’t sow peace but social destabilization and anti-majority hostility and I suspect that’s the idea. At least it is with establishment New Left thinkers who came up with this poison to begin with.

Are the SPLC simply con artists that know how to push buttons among certain demographics by invoking KKK imagery to make money, or is it more?