Alex Jones: Professional Con Artist

Here is Jones claiming the Aurora theater shooting (and Columbine massacre and other incidents) was a “staged event” to take our rights away. Jones in this video also claims the Denver International Airport has an “underground base.”

Who could believe this crap? People like this flood certain niches in book and video sales, selling things to people lacking education and who may well be mentally ill.

Some claim the theater shooting was faked entirely and others claim it was real but conducted by a patsy, like Jones claims here.

Yes – the movie theater massacre happened. No, there isn’t a shred of evidence to show any conspiracy, and those who claim there is cherry pick television interviews out of context and patch them together to create a false sense of deception. Jones does that here with such statements as “(Holmes) kicked down the door.” Actually, he went out, propped it open with a picnic table clip and opened it right back up when he came back in with his weapons.

I don’t remember who claimed the theater victims are actually not dead and are on a moon base, and I don’t really care to remember.

All Alex Jones is doing here is to make people legitimately concerned about the Left’s attempts to erode the 2nd Amendment as lunatic fringers.


– Ex-Leftist