Retarded Left Wing Tactics 101

by Ex-Leftist

See an alternate upload of the video posted here.

Whenever you see people at protests getting arrested or pepper sprayed, what you are seeing is a designed left-wing political hoax. What’s it for? Party building.










It’s no exaggeration to say that it is all scripted.

I’ll walk you through a couple videos to demonstrate their typical tactics, beginning with the above video. These are all from protests in Denver. The one above was filmed in downtown Denver in April of 2014.

What we see above is firstly – and most commonly – that these people are intentionally walking down the middle of an open street to provoke police. Note the red flag which reads, “EZLN.” That is the Marxist-Leninist rebel insurgency group in Chiapas, Mexico. We see a man at the 3:00 mark with a big mural that says Ya Basta! (Enough or Enough Already! in Spanish – a common slogan of Leftist Latino political movements) while holding a bullhorn with the anarchist logo. Self-identified radical Leftists who always use the same tactics.

Once the police arrive, they immediately begin to clear the roads of the protesters, asking them to the sidewalks. The protesters cry “police state!” and other fearful invective while hurling “fuck yous” and worse at the police, in an attempt to provoke the police which never works but does prove that there is no police state, and they’re either lying through their teeth or need meds for psychiatric delusions.

At the 3:06 mark, we see a man in an Anonymous mask sprint beginning from directly in front of the cameraman looking seemingly into the camera as if to say, “Look at me!” He then sprints toward the police in the middle of the street, consequently he is apprehended. No, him doing that with a camera in his face isn’t an accident. Note the radical with the Ya Basta! flag next to him backs away peacefully and isn’t apprehended. Another that gets involved – both of which are now actively and border line violently resisting police are restrained and arrested. Other officers form a safe perimeter around the arresting officers, keeping onlookers at a safe distance. This is due to the many times in which angry onlookers got close enough to an arresting officer and have been able to disarm the officer and murder him with his own firearm. That is always the reason for officers pushing onlookers back; it is a protective measure, and not one which, according to political radicals, can “hide police brutality and keep cameras away from their crimes.”

One of those who violently resisted begins complaining they took his glasses and phone and while he’s being put in the vehicle for arrest as a friend of his makes a snarky comment about the police not compensating him for the fruits of his behavior, puts on a loud show as if he were a martyr for losing his eyeglasses. The boilerplate “fascist” and “police state” slurs begin to roll out at 5:55.

Note a “Stay on the sidewalk. Thank you for your cooperation” at 7:55, followed by a “bite me, asshole” from the teenaged-sounding female holding the camera as she complies with the officer’s request.

How can we take seriously people who say, “This is what a police state looks like!” and then proceed to “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you” with upraised predictably white middle finger at onlooking police officers – with impunity, such as we see at 8:46, with a thrown in, “sit on it and rotate, but wait until you get back to the locker room, alright?”

At 9:13 we hear someone declare they aren’t proud to be American because “I have no more rights,” when they just away with verbally abusing heavily-armed people employed with the government.

These people are either poor liars or have a terrifyingly low level of intelligence.

At 10:39 we see one being arrested and declaring directly at the person filming this video, “They’re taking my camera” though we actually don’t see his camera being taken away. What we do see is him put into the van with his backpack still on. Such statements are meant to be loaded and insinuate the cops are trying to hide wrongdoing – even though the woman filming this did so with impunity. Why? She was staying on the street and not otherwise provoking an arrest, even if she was being a bitchy child in the process.

If that were the case, why wasn’t the camera of the agitator making this film taken as well? Right – she stayed on the sidewalk and obeyed the law, even if in a bitchy manner.

Note the officers do nothing since they are complying with the law and at this point aren’t blocking roads. Not being able to block roads with impunity equals “police state” to these people.

THAT is what you call “police brutality” in their eyes, friends.

Indeed, after the last arrest, the mini protest peters out; the chants cease and the crowd disperses. Why? The cops didn’t bite.

Next, a Denver CopWatch podcast about the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

The narrator speaks of “the misuse of power by police” while showing a zoom shot of an officer pointing a bean bag rifle. The red stock is a marking indicating the gun does not fire real ammunition. The narrator says “it’s a problem that many communities in the United States have.” What is the scene here? Protesters blocking the streets being pepper sprayed for not moving to a sidewalk. That’s it.

This organization fancies itself of how to look for police abuse, yet they’ve already totally fumbled the ball in portraying legal and legitimate causes to pepper spray as police brutality.

What does this mean? It means this group’s agenda isn’t really about legitimate policing concerns but rather they are a left-wing organization that is intrinsically hostile to the cops because as these agitators are hostile to the established order in the West, they see the police as they “enforcers” of it. That is the standard view of police that Marxists have, and when you see people making false claims of police brutality, especially if they’re assembled in a political organization, you can bet far more often than not these groups are Marxist agitators.

Radical leftists often hide their real agenda behind false moral outrage. They often fake controversy and manufacture crises while loudly crying the sky is falling.

This group is claiming at the 1:55 mark that officers are required to give their badge number by law on request. We aren’t given a “national, local, and state law” to this effect, even while conceding the officers were “wearing admittedly bulky extra equipment” at the 2:47 mark.

Disingenuously, they ask an officer at 3:10 who is in riot gear in ready position with a baton to pull aside his gear so they can see his badge. Such a request at that time is childishly unreasonable.

CopWatch does us the favor in the next scene by exposing themselves yet again: They have a man standing in the middle of the street complaining he can’t see their names while they’re in ready position marching forward and saying, “Move” because the road is being illegally blocked. It’s farcical to declare they couldn’t hold officers accountable if they were to hurt someone when the officers are not obstructing filming.

At 4:17, we have the narrator declaring the ex-Denver Chief of Police refusing to give his business card as an illegal act.

Give me an effing break.

In the credits, one organization that is known for anti-capitalist leftism is mentioned: Democracy Now. They were a favorite of mine in my Marxist days. There is also mentioned a “DNC People’s Law Collective.” Anything with the name “collective” in it is a Communist organization; as in collectivism.

Most leftists are young whites who seem to have fallen into a vat of political poison, much like myself had. This is no accident, as I explained on my “about” page.

The formula of the radical Left in provoking police and trying to get arrested is very simplistic but it’s enough to where they get footage they want to deceive the gullible and tell people what they’re seeing.

Watch this garbage with a critical eye and it will fool nobody.

We’re supposed to take seriously cries of oppression and “police state” from people who feel free to harass and mock cops in the streets? I think not.