New America Foundation: Government-Funded Left Wing Propaganda Mill

by Ex-Leftist


Yet again we have an example of someone with a hostile left-wing agenda masquerading their political hatreds as legitimate statistics-gathering and this time, WE are among those paying for this tripe. Among its list of funders, the New America Foundation lists the US Department of State and a slew of left-of-center political agenda organizations.

In the name of tracking challenges facing America’s future, they’ve managed to incorporate left-wing propaganda into their “extremism” database. Take a very close look at their section called, “Homegrown Extremism.”

Though it claims to track left-wing extremism in a vague sense, we don’t see a single example of it anywhere, in spite of such examples as the radical homosexual activist Floyd Corkins. According to CNN, Corkins

[B]ought a gun and learned how to use it. He’d loaded three magazines. And he had stopped by Chik-fil-A to pick up 15 sandwiches, which he planned to smear in the dying faces of staffers he expected to kill at the Family Research Council in Washington.

It would be a statement, he said, “against the people who work in that building,” according to documents filed in U.S. District Court, where Corkins pleaded guilty on Wednesday to three charges related to the August shooting at the conservative policy group.

Corkins told Judge Richard Roberts that he hoped to intimidate gay rights opponents.

There was also an attack by some left-wing Occupy anarchists to blow up a bridge in Cleveland and assassinate visiting NATO officials as well as an avowed Communist attempting a mass shooting at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado. Aaron Alexis, the mass shooter of the US Naval Yard, was a fan of Barack Obama, and then there’s the Beltway Sniper John Allen Muhammad, the flaming black militant racist. No mention of them here, either.

Oddly, these men were left out of the homegrown left-wing extremist attacker database. Why? Maybe it’s because the left-wing extremist database doesn’t even exist.

The only political database they have is one called, “Deadly Right-Wing Attacks” which they admittedly are “subjectively” defined, such as:

  • Yesterday’s Las Vegas cop killing spree without bothering to wait for data to come out that describes the political views or motivations of the killers. Information of their being involved with the left-wing Occupy Movement is missing as well as Jarad Miller’s admiration for a black Harlem preacher named David Manning.
  • Ascribing all racist killers as “right wing” without explanation or cause, and only mentioning racist killers who are white, also without explanation or cause.
  • Assuming people who look at racist websites are right wing and are thus motivated by their “right wing racist/white supremacist” views when killing police officers responding to a home domestic violence call (2009 Pittsburgh police killings).
  • Assuming people who shoot cops after domestic incidents commit their acts with political motivations due to their previously having expressed sympathies with a political group or viewpoint (Ft. Walton Florida police shootout).
  • Assuming people against illegal immigration are necessarily “right wing” (2009 Flores murders).
  • Neo-Nazis are presumed right-wingers in spite of the Socialist/anti-capitalist economic views of the Nazi Party of Germany and Hitler (2009 Brockton, MA murders). Anti-capitalist rhetoric is common among modern neo-Nazis as well. All racialism is assumed right-wing, which has no historical basis. Early 20th century Socialists were very commonly racialist as well.
  • Anyone who is upset about Waco and/or Ruby Ridge is “right wing” by default (2004 Tulsa, OK bank robbery).
  • Assuming anyone that has right-of-center belief and does something violent is a result tied to the hip of a political opinion they somewhere expressed as a means of attacking and dismissing the political issue by over-generalizing and attempting to draw a guilt-by-association connection.

If these people were to be honest and do some research on these two murderers, they’d have found not only the ties to the left-wing Occupy Movement and the black Harlem pastor, they’d have probably rationally concluded that Jarad Miller’s birtherist views toward Obama came from the same black Harlem pastor. (The pastor’s YouTube page slamming Obama here.)

Miller also liked several videos from left-oriented hacktivist group Anonymous, including one of their videos about the Illuminati. He liked videos critical of both Obama and G.W. Bush, and a video titled, “Rodney Admits ‘They Had to Steal Republican Nomination’ from Ron Paul.” He also liked a video titled, “Cliven Bundy is NOT a Racist!” by a Jewish YouTuber named Adam Kokesh, and one from a black man supporting the Bundy family. The Millers simply cannot be pigeonholed and people on the political Left are chomping at the bit to do so to use these types of unstable people as a political weapon. The preferences and associations of the Millers indicate a mix of elements from both the left and right of center. Conspiracy theorism is the main ideological current of Jarad Miller’s YouTube activities, and that is neither left nor right. It’s just kooky.

There are certain things which New America Foundation assumes are “right-wing” without qualification, and there are certain things they are classifying as politically-motivated without qualification. Clearly, anyone who expresses political views this “think tank” dislikes is considered a “right-wing attacker” if they commit any violent acts at any time that happen to get into the media. In short: Anyone with views deemed undesirable by this think tank that commits a violent crime is going to be assumed to have been both right-wing AND motivated by these views in their criminal acts, without qualification and thus placed in this group’s ad hoc patchwork terrorist database.

I’ve seen better quality at a K-Mart Blue Light Special.

Really, folks, there is no political agenda here on the part of the New America Foundation.


They equate these “right-wing attacks” on par with Jihadist attacks, and that is also not an accident. In part, I believe it is to soften the blow of the dangers of bad liberal immigration policy that is importing this religious violence with the desire to castigate their personal political enemies as violent fanatics. Proponents of the amnesty of illegal aliens often use similar deflective tactics to downplay the illegal presence of Mexicans, with ad hominem tu quoque arguments such as, “But Americans break the law, too.”

Why does this keep appearing, be it from Jarad Miller or George Zimmerman or even the attempt to cast James Holmes as a right-wing Tea Party psychotic? Apparently there are interests with influence in the media that want to whip up the public into a fury over anything politically right of center, and these interests use the media to do this. There is a clear pattern in media coverage here, and mere coincidence simply does not explain it. Coincidences do not come in patterns, and they do not attempt to connect things that aren’t connected to as to demonize and marginalize an entire group of people that are considered an enemy.

UPDATE: 6/10/2014

CNN has now published an opinion article by one of the founders of this group who has gotten on his soapbox to repeat his lies, recycling an old article from April 2014 and again taking it upon himself to declare this a “right-wing attack” on CNN’s opinion page.

Why aren’t these people on the “homegrown extremists” page?

  • grayjohn

    They are the wrong color to be listed. Listing these thug pricks would be racist. And everyone is afraid of being branded a racist. Cowards are sickening creatures.