The Propaganda Convergence of Leftism and Islam

by Ex-Leftist


This is something that has been going on for a long time, and in the months when I was dealing with my first disillusionment of the political Left and realizing that their moral position isn’t moral but rather politically-motivated pseudo-outrage, I began taking notice of more and more of their bogus claims and hoax outrages. I just stumbled on a website that is a perfect tool for exhibiting this discovery, and it is an excellent means of instructing Western people on the deceit of those who attack their countries, civilization, culture, religion, and identity.


Genocide Memorial Day 2010

Remembering Man’s Inhumanity to Man

17th January 2010

Organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission

Really seemingly interested in human beings, isn’t it? What are the implied messages in this title? Muslims are for human rights and against inhumane treatment of others.

Let’s look closer and see if that really is the case.

There are specific elements which all of these types incorporate into their articles, books, and websites, which are all used on this webpage. Apparently under the guise of commemorating genocide, they list specific things they are commemorating on this day of commemoration of genocide:

  • Indian War of Independence
  • Srebrenica Genocide
  • Transatlantic Slave Trace
  • African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas
  • Genocide of Indigenous Americans
  • Nazi Holocaust Survivor
  • Nazi Holocaust
  • Gaza
  • Lessons from the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Modernity, Genocide, and Genocidal Acts

Note the ideological undercurrent and loaded content? In “marking the Gaza massacre,” they are selectively attempting to piggyback others, along noticeably ideological lines. They want you to think India vs the British = slavery = Indian “genocide” = Holocaust = Warsaw Ghetto = Gaza/West Bank.

Notice what is missing?

If you go by this, only white/Christian/capitalists/allies of Israel (US/UK) do any wrong. In other words, this isn’t about the universalistic concepts of human rights and proper treatment of human beings. This is about Muslims and their Leftist friends and their pet cause: Palestine.

There is nothing about the long, brutal, and horrifying history of Muslim conquest, rape, bigotry, anti-Semitism, social marginalization, and colonialism in pre-British India or elsewhere. Odd, considering it went on over 1,000 years longer than the European variety of it did. If we were to believe these people, the only evildoers are those Muslims consider their historical enemies.

So much for human rights.

In attacking Jews, they’re trying to spin themselves AS Jewish victims of the Nazis. Chutzpah!

And what do you see from the radical anti-capitalist Left? The same formula: Universalist appeals to human rights and anti-colonialism, but when you get to the meat of their complaints, all you see are selective rants only against capitalist pig countries that Leftists all hate. It’s not about human rights and never has been. It was about capitalist pigs using the guise of human rights to inflame people and gain support all along.

Never, EVER take these people on face value.

I learned the hard way.