CNN and Don Lemon are race baiting sacks of shit

by Ex-Leftist


Don Lemon seems to be CNN’s little minstrel.

CNN’s track record of game playing is well-known and they’ve taken a lot of rightful criticism for their sexing-up headlines to make them racially and religiously inflammatory to at least gain viewership and at most to create or at least cater to the hatred of white people by their sizable non-white audience. Here, it’s by falsely calling disagreements “attacking” and dragging the race of those Trump was having disagreement with as if it had any bearing on the disagreement.

During this entire segment of  Don Lemon interviewing a black minister, the Reverend Bill Owens, the ticker text on the bottom the screen claims that Trump racially attacked people of color and Lemon follows through with the narrative by both trying to get his black minister guest to go along and when he doesn’t and there’s a narrative fail, Lemon follows up with a vicious attempt to poison the well against the minister when he said that Trump wasn’t racially attacking anyone, so why should anyone listen to him??

Please see this video segment on CNN’s Twitter page here.

Take note of the bottom ticker headline as the interview with Rev. Owens begins,

During the course of this conversation, as Lemon tries to call disagreements between Trump and left wing leaders as “the president’s attacks on leaders of color” as if to insinuate that white people can’t disagree with non-whites without being racists which is an extremely racist proposition, the Reverend doesn’t bite on Lemon’s cues and corrects him regarding that Trump was disagreeing but not because of their color. Lemon even interrupted him to try to drag him back onto the subject which was Trump’s supposed attacks on leaders of color. Owens described how he’d been to the White House four times in the past few months and Trump always wanted to know what he could do to help them. Apparently Lemon didn’t like hearing that.

Lemon then switches off-topic, whips out a massive red herring and brings up an alleged quote from the Reverend in 2012 accusing him of likening Obama’s support of gay marriage with child molestation and then asked, “Why should anyone take you seriously?” The Reverend then objected to the claimed quotation by Lemon and attempted to correct it at which time Lemon (of course had the quotation ready to go) read it and it showed his quote of Owens was a flat-out lie and he didn’t correct himself nor did he apologize to the Reverend.

Clearly, of course, had Owens given Lemon the black rage against the president he was seeking, Owens wouldn’t have brought that comment up. And to only prove this is the case, at that precise moment, CNN’s bottom screen ticker changed to calling the Reverend “controversial” as Trump’s supposed “attacks on faith leaders of color” canard went down like the Titanic.

Lemon then tries to save face after having his ass handed to him that Trump never attacked anyone on account of race by attacking the Reverend’s faith, questioning why a man of faith like him would condone Trump attacking anyone, if that’s “Christianly or Godly?” [sic]

The Reverend then had to explain he didn’t condone anyone, and in fact he did not, Lemon shoved that bit down his throat for dinner as well as the fake 2012 quote about gay marriage.

And during this portion of the exchange, the bottom ticker again changed to the next attack du jour.

And as far as infestations in Baltimore? A newswoman doing a live story on Trump’s criticisms of the city was photobombed by a large rat at the 1:12 mark.