John Hickenlooper, lying coward and snob, for president

Nathan Dunlap, convicted mass murderer, granted a stay of execution by Hickenlooper.

Nathan Dunlap, convicted mass murderer, granted an indefinite stay of execution by Hickenlooper due to politics.

by Ex-Leftist


Have you ever heard of someone that is for the death penalty, then suddenly reverses four years later in time for re-election and the upcoming execution of a mass murderer and indefinitely stays that execution amid people of his political party complaining that too many people of the killer’s skin color are on death row in Colorado and then threatens that he “could” grant clemency of that killer if he lost his re-election bid, fearing that an opponent may run on executing the guy and, you know, he doesn’t want this killer to be a political football after he made it one by granting a stay?

Have you ever heard of someone that signs a controversial and admittedly bad piece of firearms magazine size limit legislation and then tries to blame it on a nameless staffer who “promised” the legislation would be signed and thus somehow committed the governor as if he’s obligated by the words of staffers to act as if they, not he, were the man in charge, but the legislator(s) who were made this supposed promise to don’t exist? And then to pretend that he “had no idea” the county sheriffs of Colorado were outraged at that legislation and wanted to talk to him until a week after he signed the bill even though they were frequently attempting to contact his office and gain audience with him as they aired their grievances on television, in newspapers, and on the internet? And on top of that, when he did meet with the sheriffs – his own local law enforcement heads and constituents – after he signed the bad legislation told them to their faces he did not meet with anti-2nd Amendment New York City Mayor Bloomberg but then admitted later he did in fact meet with Bloomberg after cellphone records came out proving so and he could no longer plausibly deny it? If this doesn’t top the cake, to agree that the legislation is “worthless” while showing zero basic understanding of the need and use of firearms with high capacity magazines by the disabled, elderly, and women for self-defense and in rural areas, of which much of Colorado is, thus proving he’s a clueless, sheltered urbanite?

Have you ever heard of someone who says he wants to be the governor for everyone in the state while he refers to people living in rural areas that tend to vote for the other party as “backward” and then tried to walk it back when called out on it and then filming a campaign ad in a rural area as a means of sucking up and trying to appear friendly?

Have you ever heard of someone that hires illegal aliens to work in his restaurant one of which murdered a police officer and then who donated to and attended a fundraiser for a “charity” geared toward aiding “day laborers” get jobs without background checks, references, and preferably, paid in cash?

Have you ever heard of a mayor who created a commission to “end homelessness” with a “10 year plan” which fell flat as homelessness exploded and who in the governor’s office revamped the gimmick into using marijuana tax revenues as homelessness continued to explode?

Have you ever heard of a governor who commuted multiple murder sentences of minority men including those who bludgeoned and choked people in his last days in office, less than 4 months before announcing his bid for the presidency?

If that turns your crank, John Hickenlooper, 2020 candidate for president may just be your man!

Come debate time, president Trump can call him ‘Lyin’ Looper’.