Black man skips out of halfway house months early, race baits when apprehended

theodell mcgowan


by Ex-Leftist


If you’re going to lie and race bait to try to evade completing a sentence, at least keep your lies straight.

Back in 1984, a black man named Theodell McGowan was convicted in a car theft case in mostly black, black-run Gary, Indiana. As part of that 18 month sentence, he was to serve some months in a halfway house. Months before completing his halfway house sentence, however, he decided to walk out and skip town to Denver, Colorado.

Recently, apparently with modern computerized fugitive crime systems being more updated with decades-old fugitive cases, the Indiana Department of Corrections followed up on his case (undoubtedly among many others) from many years ago, discovered him in Colorado, and issued a fugitive escape warrant.

McGowan was arrested at home in Denver based off that Indiana fugitive warrant which is about the only consistent thing we’ve gotten from either McGowan or his lawyer Jason Flores-Williams. After that, there are two conflicting versions of the story and it’s not difficult to dig through them for the truth.

Version 1 as told by Denver KMGH 7:¬† “Something out of the Jim Crow era”

McGowan sat at home with his family for Thanksgiving where according to his lawyer Jason Flores-Williams, deputies arrested him and later “forced McGowan to sign a waiver of extradition without allowing him to consult with attorneys or family,” which reminds Mr Flores-Williams of “the Jim Crow era in America” but oddly we’ve no word of a complaint being filed regarding these supposed civil rights-breaking villainous law enforcement officers.

McGowan and Flores-Williams have made the rounds in the media, telling conflicting stories regarding whether or not Mr McGowan’s sentence was actually fulfilled and he could leave, as McGowan originally claimed. Flores-Williams filed a motion stating that “McGowan was told his time was done at the halfway house and he could leave.” However, Flores-Williams hints otherwise when he said the fugitive warrant was issued on “a technicality.” There is no technicality here; you’ve either completed the sentence at the halfway house and fulfilled the judge’s requirements, or you haven’t. He technically walked out and didn’t finish the sentence is actually what he meant.

And by the way, McGowan “is a role model.”

Version 2 as told by Denver Fox31 :

He walked away from a halfway house “a few months early,” “never finished his sentence,” and McGowan “realizes what he did was wrong, but has been a good citizen since.” His attorney states that he “could spend most of 2019 in jail,” which would be an impossibility if McGowan completed his sentence.

And McGowan’s signing of the waiver? It was “an accident,” according to Flores-Williams. No wonder, then, that¬†Flores-Williams develops amnesia about the “forcing” of the signing of the waiver of extradition and declares, “We have a good sheriff department here.”


McGowan doesn’t want to complete his sentence, seeks public pity, and he and his lawyer have taken this to media to stir up racial controversy and use it as leverage in building public sentiment against McGowan being forced to complete his sentence. McGowan lied about himself, he lied about law enforcement to avoid being held accountable to his sentence but by the way, he’s a great citizen, an asset to the community and a beloved role model who should singularly be allowed to skip out of a halfway house with impunity so please pity him because of a non-existent plot to take away his rights, Jim Crow-style.

File this under #FakeNews

And the media just LOVE that Jim Crow angle!