The Good’s Penn Collins: Another mindless, blind liberal backer of Islam

Muslims and their allies want you to believe this equals ISIS.

Muslims and their allies want you to believe this equals ISIS.

by Ex-Leftist


The website is called The Daily Good whose motto is ‘Live well, do good.’

So apparently the website is by and for do-gooders or something.

A writer for that website named Penn Collins – who has no means of contact visible and doesn’t allow comments on their articles – apparently thought it newsworthy to play a game of ‘gotcha’ with Christian critics of Islam.

Collins posted a commonly ignorance-filled article titled, “A Twitter User Claimed There’s No ‘Christian Version’ Of ISIS, But Got Shot Down Immediately” and what we’re given is the usual serving of blind liberal apologetics for Islam that Western liberals dish out on an endless basis as if it were valid objective truth.


Instead of anything remotely resembling an argument, the article was wholly dedicated to ideological wagon-circling.

Firstly, it’s incredibly dumb to quote an Ahmadiyya Muslim spokesman:

In fact, Rashid is using his voice to support and educate about all human rights. Not only does he educate others about Islam, but as his website reads, he’s an advocate for women’s rights and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Rashid also serves as the spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, a group that works to spread peace and understanding among Muslims, rejecting the notion of terrorism or extremism in all its forms.

Ahmadiyya Muslims are a branch of supposed Islam started in what’s now Pakistan in the 1800s, founded by a guy named Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who claimed to be a promised messenger from Allah. Of course, this apostate teaching doesn’t sit well with Muslims, who have accordingly been persecuting to the point of death Ahmadis ever since. To quote an Ahmadi for a stance on authentic Islam is akin to quoting a Mormon for an authentic stance on Christianity, but clearly this Mr/Ms/?? Penn Collins never bothered doing any homework except finding a rarity in Islam that actually condemns terrorism, and for that he/she/?? had to dredge up an apostate group.

Qasim Rashid himself is horribly confused about a number of things starting with the bizarre notion that Islam advocates women’s rights. Islamic Law teaches that grown men can marry little girls that can be fondled, as Muhammad himself did, allows wife beating, rape of war captives, says that one of the best deeds on earth is fighting Jihad, that women cannot leave home without a mahraam (husband or male family member she is not allowed to be married to), to kill apostates, and kill those who mock Muhammad or find fault with him.

I won’t even bother getting into Rashid’s lack of understanding of the difference between white nationalism and white supremacy. Those are two entirely different concepts which the dishonest and intellectually lazy mob media routinely ignore the difference between. This guy wallows in superficial knowledge of seemingly every topic on earth.

Never, never frame a belief system founded on superficial knowledge.

Then there’s Rashid’s support for the neo-Marxist, radical leftist/anarchist-allied racist Black Lives Movement which was founded on the “hands up don’t shoot” lie of Ferguson. This guy is a walking train wreck of ignorance.

The idea that Islamic Law is consistent with Western values, let alone concepts like “women’s rights” is a pure myth born either of an intent to deceive or absolute ignorance of Islamic jurisprudence. It is unfortunately a common myth especially among secular liberals such as this Penn Collins.

When Muslims say women’s rights, they don’t mean the Western concept of it. They mean the ISLAMIC concept of women’s rights. Writers should be clarifying this.

Further, as Christianity has no ‘Sharia’ it is therefore impossible that there is such a thing as a Christian version of ISIS, as ISIS’ actions are regulated via Islamic Law. As usual, those who claim the two are fungible are not only horribly ignorant of the teachings of both faiths (as I explained here) but also are hell-bent on ideological egalitarianism so they falsely conflate the deeds of a person of a claimed faith with the teachings of the faith itself. Doing that is of course not only moving the goal posts but it’s an extremely cheap way of trying to lower Christianity down to Islam’s level to invoke ad hominem tu quoque fallacy which is Collins’ entire purpose, along with the usual obligatory helping of casting the Crusades as the opposite of the defensive wars against Islamic invasion that they actually were.

Also, these apologists are always the same in that they point to the Old Testament as ‘proof’ of Christian Law, but when it’s pointed out to them that’s actually Jewish Law which Christians don’t practice and never have, these apologists always slam on the ideological brakes because they have been taught to never, ever criticize the Jewish faith. Christian-bashing is fine just keep hands off the Jews. It is an intrinsic aspect of New Left ideological programming for which tens of millions unquestioningly follow.

Ideological taboos and sacred cows directly control who they are and are not willing to criticize and bash, and always have. That is why people like Collins line up with verbal baseball bats to “but Christianity” when Islam is criticized, but are nowhere to be seen invoking “but Islam” or “but Judaism” when Christianity is criticized. This is all an intentional and designed attack on the Christian faith.

You can either seek and speak the truth without regard of who it offends OR you can be an ideological watch dog. Penn Collins has chosen to be an ideological watch dog.

You don’t gain mileage when you conflate violence by someone of a claimed faith with the teachings of the faith itself, but that is the left’s bread and butter with the artificial constructs of “Christian terrorism equals ISIS” and “Christian Taliban.” It’s one thing to say that a person committed violence in the name of Christianity is terrorism but that Christianity itself teaches terrorism? It does not. Islam teaches terrorism from the Quran onward.

From Quran chapter 8. Let nobody tell you that Islam does not teach terrorism.

From Quran chapter 8. Let nobody tell you that Islam does not teach terrorism.

Ignorance is bliss, I guess, and such people congregate on websites that arrogantly refer to themselves as The Good.

Sadly, young people are especially prone to reading bilge like this and taking it seriously and then going around attacking Christians with it.