The Left’s Penchant for Naming Schools After Stalinist Goons

The radical left seeks to erase whatever, whoever they hate. Gramsci called it the 'Long March Through the Institutions.'

The radical left seeks to erase whatever, whoever they hate. Gramsci called it the ‘Long March Through the Institutions.’

by Ex-Leftist


In our age of supposed social enlightenment, radical leftists lead the charge to rename everything from streets to schools to cities in the name of human rights, reconciling with the past, and general just-can’t-we-get-alongness.

In reality, it’s not about human rights or otherwise, but about trying to remake society in their image, and as such like any conqueror, they wish to rip down the cultural monuments, institutions, and heroes of the old order and replace it with their own. Much like how the Muslims did when they invaded the Holy Land and built the Dome of the Rock atop the Temple Mount, Marxists are known for tearing down cultural institutions and renaming towns and schools wherever they take up residence and grasp enough power.

Indeed, how else could you explain that all too many American schools have been named after Stalinist lunatics, such as Langston Hughes?

The man openly identified as a Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist and a hater of the Christian faith and instead of being known as one who supported a regime that murdered tens of millions of people, he’s known as a “social activist” and hero whose ashes are interred in Harlem for all to admire.

Here is a short list of the schools named after this man:

Langston Hughes Elementary

Langston Hughes Middle School

Langston Hughes Academy

Langston Hughes School

Aspire Langston Hughes Academy

Langston Hughes High School


A poem he once wrote called Goodbye Christ laid out his opinions quite succinctly:


Listen, Christ,

You did alright in your day, I reckon—
But that day’s gone now.
They ghosted you up a swell story, too,
Called it Bible—
But it’s dead now,
The popes and the preachers’ve
Made too much money from it.
They’ve sold you to too many

Kings, generals, robbers, and killers—
Even to the Tzar and the Cossacks,
Even to Rockefeller’s Church,
You ain’t no good no more.
They’ve pawned you
Till you’ve done wore out.

Christ Jesus Lord God Jehova,
Beat it on away from here now.
Make way for a new guy with no religion at all—
A real guy named
Marx Communist Lenin Peasant Stalin Worker ME—
I said, ME!

Go ahead on now,
You’re getting in the way of things, Lord.
And please take Saint Gandhi with you when you go,
And Saint Pope Pius,
And Saint Aimee McPherson,
And big black Saint Becton
Of the Consecrated Dime.
And step on the gas, Christ!

Don’t be so slow about movin
The world is mine from now on—
And nobody’s gonna sell ME
To a king, or a general,
Or a millionaire.


Make way for the new man, America: An atheist, Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist. 

Marketed to America by plastering the man’s name in hero fashion onto schools near you.

Hughes’ activities were far beyond vulgar poetry:

“That Hughes was, with the exception of Richard Wright, the black writer most identified with the Communist Left during the 1930s is undeniable. Hughes’s frequent publication of “revolutionary” poetry in the journals and press of the CPUSA, his activity in Communist-initiated campaigns such as the drive to free the Scottsboro defendants and on behalf of the Spanish Republic, his willingness to lend his name to Communist-led or Communist-influenced organizations (e.g., the John Reed Clubs, the League of Struggle for Negro Rights, the National Negro Congress, the League of Professional Groups for Foster and Ford, the League of American Writers), and his public support of the Soviet Union (including his signing of a statement in 1938 supporting the purges of the Old Bolsheviks and others by Stalin) all marked him as an open member of the Communist Left–whether or not he formally joined the CPUSA.”

(Source: University of Illinois)

Don’t you feel better that we’re replacing statues of Robert E. Lee with schools named after guys who supported Stalin’s Purges?