National US Media Prefers to Talk About anti-Trump Sheriff Over Obama/Hizbollah Scandal

Demonstrators march during the "Day Without Immigrants" protest in Washington, DC, February 16, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Using children as props in demonstrations is a common tactic to invoke pity.

by Ex-Leftist


While the mainstream national US media is going out of its way to avoid covering the Obama/Hizbollah drug trafficking scandal broke by left-of-center Politico, they’ve decided it’s more important that an elderly Mexican immigrant Sheriff who dislikes Trump’s immigration policies receive viral coverage instead.

Sheriff Tony Estrada, another kind of Arizona law man courtesy of the ASSociated Press is getting much more coverage.

Sheriff Tony Estrada – called “another kind of law man” to draw contrast to Sheriff Joe Arpaio – who as a legal Mexican immigrant we are told offers a “unique perspective,” has “strong opinions on treatment of immigrants,” and who of course is a harsh critic of President Trump. Unlike Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio who the media wrote hit pieces against for years, Estrada is handled very respectfully.

Much like with the way only pro-gun control survivors of mass shootings get the large chunk of national media coverage and interviews while anti-gun control ones rarely surface if even but for 10 minutes if they’re lucky, the media wishes to influence our attitudes on border control by selectively publicizing law enforcement officers against Trump who express agreement with Obama’s “compassionate” treatment of “immigrants” as opposed to Trump’s draconian enforcement of standing US law.

The article about this Sheriff is nothing more than an appeal to pity wrapped in an appeal to authority fallacy which is designed to undermine Trump’s immigration policy. The media here are basically attempting to flash this man’s badge as a means of influencing the reader.

As usual, the media goes on about the allegedly harsh treatment of illegal aliens who it falsely terms as “immigrants” as if to try to blunt dissent against their being here. Referring to illegal aliens as immigrants – by intentionally lumping them in the same basket with legal immigrants – is nothing short of a blatant attempt to manipulate thought by manipulating language to legitimize their presence.

Indeed, Estrada himself uses such manipulative language, blaming the federal government for “breaking families apart” as if they did nothing to place themselves in that position: “The cruelest thing a government can do is separate families – children from parents, wives from husbands.”

The US government is no more at fault for the familial consequences of law-breaking by illegal aliens than Sheriff Estrada is when he arrests a car thief and thus separates him from his family.

The double standard here is absolutely repulsive and Estrada should extract his brain from his butt.

Furthermore, as usual when the media publish such stories about immigration, the perspective of the average American worker is nowhere to be seen. Where are the appeals to pity for US low skill workers displaced by cheaper illegal labor? Where are the outraged opinion editorials about the flood of cheap foreign labor lowering wages in markets where they congregate, muscling into American labor pools? How about stories how millions of illegal aliens crowd housing and drive up rents? Instead the media play partisan and we’re deluged in manipulative tear-jerkers about illegal aliens whining about the consequences of coming here illegally without them being expected to change their behavior by going home.

And why not do this? It’s worked more than once. Television programming has had noted effects on public opinion such as the 1990s show Will & Grace had on public acceptance of the LGBT agendaWill & Grace had such an impact, the same social activists are thinking of returning it with a male/male couple version.

The media quit caring about US workers when most of those workers (blue collar whites) began dumping the Democrats for the Republican Party, especially during the Reagan Revolution. The Democratic Party has had such great difficulty getting those voters back, that the 2008 Obama campaign didn’t pursue them at all. 

Democrats quit caring about the average blue collar American worker years ago. White ones left the party in droves especially during the Reagan Revolution, and the black ones are taken for granted and ignored after campaign lip service is paid because DNC leadership knows they won’t abandon ship to the GOP, and the Latino ones are pandered to with the offer of amnesty for uncle Chico.

Democrat outlook and strategy matters in an environment in which an overwhelming majority of journalists vote Democratic.