CNN Pushing the DNC ‘They’ll Take Your Birth Control’ Narrative to Frighten Women


by Ex-Leftist


More political advocacy disguised as journalism.

In an idiotic article titled, “‘Trumpcare’ would send her to Mexico for birth control,” CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen pulls one right from the depths of the inner sanctum of her backside, resurrecting an old Democrat scare tactic to frighten women against GOP policy by claiming the Republicans will “take away birth control,” “take away abortions,” or a combination of both. But since we have an effort to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood on the front burner, the vagina-driven fear tactics reserved for women that are usually only thrown out during election years are being rolled out early.

This article is heavily reliant on unsupported claims (the very thing CNN and other networks endlessly try to harass President Trump about) attempts to put the reader into this woman’s shoes to invoke sympathy against the current work regarding funding of PP.

As is the usual when I read writings by feminists, they always play women readers as if we were wanton idiots who cannot add and are driven by raw emotion.

It’s an article based on the subjective opinion of a single person that uses Planned Parenthood:

The problem is that “Trumpcare,” as Ariana calls it, would probably run her health clinic out of town.

It would probably? What does that mean? This woman is a school teacher. What knowledge does she have that would qualify and justify putting this woman’s gripe on national news?

There is no such thing as “going to Mexico for birth control.” Birth control pills are under $30 a month for the uninsured, buying it themselves. About $10 a month for the insured, which this woman is. You don’t spend hundreds in gasoline going to Mexico for a roughly $25 monthly supply of pills. To suggest otherwise is a flagrant LIE.

Of course that doesn’t include options such as IUDs, condoms, or heaven forbid – keeping one’s legs shut. This article blames this woman’s pregnancy at the age of 15 to her not having “easy access to birth control.” Yes, they said that.

Also, one does not need to repeat visits to a doctor to get a regular birth control supply. The yearly prescription can be renewed by phone or by email. This woman is inventing obstacles to healthcare and is trying to blame them on Trump rather than the current system of Obamacare. This article should have been about shortcomings of Obamacare rather than about government funding for Planned Parenthood.

Furthermore, doctors offices triage appointments by medical need, not first come-first served. There is no reason on the planet (unless someone is a particularly high risk in her pregnancy) that a doctor would schedule a routine pre-partum ultrasound or other testing on a normal pregnancy. Quickie appointments are reserved for people with urgent medical issues. The chance of someone “waiting 5 hours” in a doctor’s office to be seen is unheard of – unless perhaps if the person tried to walk-in without calling for an urgent appointment which would be an incredibly stupid thing to do. Again in those cases, they would be triaged by need and not by first come/first served.

If your need isn’t that great, you’re going to wait, and wanting advice about how to have a baby that doesn’t miscarry is not cause for a quickie appointment.

What this woman speaks of here is about convenience and impatience, not actual medical need:

For Ariana, that means it takes well over a month to get an appointment with her gynecologist and then four or five hours in the waiting room to see him, which means that she has to take the day off work. At Planned Parenthood, she gets an appointment the next day and is in and out in about 30 minutes.

Mind you, what this woman is complaining about (if true) is Obamacare. She’s complaining Trumpcare would take away her clinic she “has” to use because Obamacare wrecked the health system in California, so we have to keep the wrecked Obamacare in place because she thinks PP would “probably” close down if Trump pulls funding, assuming the US is full of cheapskate liberals who won’t donate and can’t be relied on to be as generous as they claim to be.

What kind of argument is that?

And this silly statement about a photo of Vice President Pence and some people around a table discussing policy:

“I see a bunch of men sitting around a table, discussing what I should be allowed to do with my body,” she said. “My husband and I can decide what’s best for us.”

That’s quite a false dichotomy argument: Either we give this woman her way in letting her decide what we do with our tax dollars and give some to her so she can have convenient appointments, OR we are dictating what she “should be allowed to do with her body.”

My, my, what a sense of entitlement.

Where was this woman’s concern about a group of men deciding what to do with her body when Obamacare was passed which is what is what we’re told is driving this woman across the border?

False outrage, anyone?

If living in her area is so bad, why not move?

Where is her concern for anything greater than herself, for that matter? “For my convenience” isn’t a legitimate arguing point for social policy.

The woman goes to a Mexican doctor for pre-natal care and has a hemorrhage during birth. Perhaps that was the price of convenience over quality?

This CNN article would be better titled, “Obamacare drives impatient woman over border for inferior healthcare, contributing to her postpartum hemorrhage… By the way, damn Trump.”

Maybe this woman needs to learn patience and realize that medical services are given by most pressing need and not by who has the biggest stick up their ass, but that wouldn’t sell on the pages of CNN, would it?

If the funding of Planned Parenthood is so important, why aren’t these people contributing to fill the gap rather than bellyaching the US treasury isn’t giving anymore?

Cheapskate much?