The Left Is Unable to Honestly Discuss the West’s History with Islam


by Ex-Leftist



“The History of Muslim Anti-Western Protests Is Older Than Obama or Bush, Drones or Israel” is an article from The Atlantic’s Max Fisher is a standard representation of the political left’s inability or unwillingness to present history in an accurate manner, seemingly intent on casting Western countries as the eternal aggressor, regardless of the facts.

Indeed, to myself – a former Marxist – Fisher’s historical account is of the typical formula of radical leftist rags everywhere : Cherry pick history and present only sections of it going only so far back as European colonialism so as to cast the capitalist pig West as the eternal global perpetrator who has been the sole cause of civilizational conflict and has singlehandedly stifled can’t-we-just-get-alongness worldwide, so can’t we just do away with the capitalist pig system and install Socialism?

This is not history but a historical narrative. Leftist publications use this basic formula constantly. In this case, Fisher seems to have wrapped it into a cheesy promo for a book.

If we were a reader with no understanding of Islamic history, we would probably take Fisher’s opening paragraph seriously:

Since colonialism brought Western and Islamic societies crashing together over a century ago, the former has struggled to understand the rage it seems to provoke in the latter.

Fisher is correct in that colonialism did in fact bring Western and Islamic societies crashing together, but it didn’t happen according to Fisher’s sole source which is a book titled, Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes, a book at least in part about the 1857 Sepoy Rebellion which details the Muslim jihad in response to British Colonialism in India.

Rather, it happened when the Muslim armies rushed north from the Arabian Peninsula continuing a war Muhammad tried to start against the Eastern (Byzantine) Roman Empire in Sura 9 of the Quran and finally invaded the Empire in the 630s AD and conquered the Holy Land, placing it under Islamic rule and settling it with Arab Muslim colonists which eventually set off the Crusades once Emperor Alexius I Comnenus appealed to fellow Christian Pope Urban II for aid in repelling the Islamic invasion and restoring Christian governance. The response was the First Crusade. Nearly every Crusade was a defensive response to Islamic invasions.

You will never see the political Left acknowledge that.

Fisher doesn’t even acknowledge that the only reason Islam exists in Asia is because of the same long history of unending, unchecked Islamic invasions. Instead Fisher quotes from a book from a man admittedly descended from these Arab Muslim conquerors of Asia and treats these conquerors as if they were kindly indigenous victims of some new creepy pale invader while strangely avoiding the well-known extremely brutal establishment of Islamic rule in India.

This junk journalism is where too many people are drawing historical lessons from which are so inaccurate and so skewed that they are causing mass confusion and leading people to think Westerners/Christians/capitalists/white people are the plague of the earth and are responsible for all the world’s problems, and if only we’d wipe out their Western/Christian/capitalist/white society, pillage their wealth, and flood their countries with the enlightened masses of such as Muslims, everything would be fixed and we could have a progressive utopia.

This is not an accident. That is exactly the intent of such writers as Fisher. They are abusing and skewing history to try to make the reader feel disillusioned with, alienated from, and eventually want to hate and destroy Western civilization to purge it of its alleged sins – many of which are outright fabricated lies.

Muslims are not responding to naughty Western colonialists, rather they are angry that Westerners finally got the upper hand against them after over 1,000 years of unchecked warfare extending from the 600s to the 1800s. From the 600s to the 1800s, Muslims raped their way as far north as Vienna with armies that included the kidnapped children of Balkan Christians and kidnapped at least 1 million Europeans along the western coasts of the continent as far north as Ireland to take as slaves and wives in their harems — well before Christopher Columbus was born.

So what we have is a faux narrative which states that post-19th century colonialist actions by Western governments is justifiably why Muslims hate the West but Westerners have no justifiable reason to dislike Muslims for over 1,000 years of nearly endless invasions, kidnappings, etc. because that would be racist and xenophobic. And don’t answer what Islamic Law has to do with it because that question is out-of-bounds.

Furthermore, if a book about history through Islamic eyes is a valid history worth sharing, why aren’t history books through European or Christian eyes?

And that kind of garbage is why Leftists often become ex-leftists like me. The less ignorant a person is, the less likely a person is to be a political Leftist.