Media Aids Leftist Misinformation Campaign Against Nationwide Anti-Sharia Protests

Members of the 13th Handschar Division, an all-Muslim Waffen SS Division.

Members of the 13th Handschar Division, an all-Muslim Waffen SS Division… The same group of people Antifas champion in the name of anti-fascism.

by Ex-Leftist


A group called ACT for America staged nationwide protests called the “March Against Sharia” in June of 2017. Unsurprisingly, the usual umbrella Leftist groups and online magazines joined the campaign against it, and apparently all too willingly news media outlets helped to misinform the public about the entire thing.

Denver ABC affiliate KMGH predictably cited one of two left wing agenda organizations for such stories (either the SPLC or ADL or both – but this time just the SPLC) for what is supposedly expert analysis but is actually partisan politics wrapped in a veneer of “human rights.”

They quoted a Colorado Muslim Society spokesman who cried,

“These rallies are occurring during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and seek to vilify Muslims and strike fear in the hearts of Americans that Shariah Law is coming to the US at a time of heightened anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States…” and termed the objections are based on “misconceptions and fear” which are “anti-Muslim sentiments” and “bigoted rallies” by “xenophobes” and insisted that the protests were not against Sharia but against Muslims.

So the Muslim spokesman cried “bigot” but offered no explanation for why the group’s anti-Sharia stance is inaccurate. Calling the rallies “hate-filled,” and “misinformed,” and crying that they occurred during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with the alleged intent of “seek[ing] to vilify Muslims and strike fear… that Shariah Law is coming” isn’t an argument.

Apparently Muslims can attack Westerners during Ramadan but Westerners can’t criticize Sharia during Ramadan.

How can the protesters be misinformed when they are directly quoting the sources of Islamic Law? That’s not a particularly tenable argument and it screams that something fishy is going on.

Further, this is the same Colorado Muslim Society that had as a member of its congregation al Qaeda terrorist Najibullah Zazi, who manufactured backpack bombs to detonate on the New York City subway system. Another local Islamic group the Denver Islamic Society had as a lecturer Anwar al-Awlaki, the former leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (until he ate a drone strike for dinner) as a part-time imam in the 1990s and was a spiritual adviser to one of the 9/11/2001 hijackers and once lead prayer for Congressional Muslim staffers.

We have yet to have explained to us why such peaceful groups are terrorist magnets. It may also explain why the Colorado Islamic Society named names of people who posted anti-Shariah comments on the internet, as if hinting that its followers should contact these people.

The organizers of the counter-protest were a Colorado “Antifa Collective.” How protesting Sharia equals an expression of fascism which must be fought with anti-fascism seems to escaped these people in light of that Hitler was actually pro-Islamic to such a degree he had an all-Muslim SS Division out of Bosnia. Therefore, if one wants to fight fascism, it would seem that protesting against a pro-fascist anti-Semitic religion would be requisite. D’oh.

Of course, the SPLC jumped on the bandwagon as they always do, and the media can be relied on to quote them liberally, pun intended.

The SPLC is hostile to these anti-Sharia protesters and calls ACT for America “the largest grassroots anti-Muslim group in America” and considers them “extremist.” What qualifies this label? A webpage with some select quotations regarding demographic predictions and welfare shopping among supposed refugees into Europe as well as real and alleged quotes by Briggitte Gabriel (a Lebanese Christian, and if Lebanese Christians don’t know how Islamic Law teaches Muslims how to interact with others, nobody does). These quotations are supposedly so scandalous on their own right that they need not be argued against and debunked.

Mind you, these are the people howling about “religious bigotry” when it comes to Hobby Lobby not wanting to pay for birth control, and they are actively looking the other way about Islamic female genital mutilation, arranged man/girl child marriages, and wife beating.

Yet again, we aren’t told what is wrong with these statements and we aren’t told how they are inaccurate, let alone so that they qualify for the “extremist” label. Apparently saying naughty things about Islam and having a presence in some mainstream political circles is enough for these people to sound the alarms and apply the labels, because if we don’t kiss their asses we’re totally evil.

The SPLC goes out of its way to NOT discuss what Sharia is, teaches, and means for the countries receiving (sometimes tens) of millions of Muslim migrants, and this is especially troubling in light of their liberal stance on mass immigration. All the SPLC does is demonize opponents of Islamic mass immigration to such as degree that they brand the more popular of them and place them in self-styled hate databases.

With such hysteria in the political Left toward those against the violent totalitarianism of Sharia being imported to the West, it’s no wonder we see some liberals such as ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio saying things in the hours after the Orlando club massacre such as that the Christians offering thoughts and prayers were “gross” – “You know what is gross — your thoughts and prayers and Islamophobia, after you created this anti-queer climate… The Christian Right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months and people blaming Islam for this. No.”

That’s right – Christians – NOT Sharia Law, in spite of that Sharia Law – not Christian doctrine – teaches believers to kill people for being gay. This while remaining silent about Sharia’s call for female genital  mutilation, arranged man-girl marriages,  the labeling of women as mentally deficient, that women are wicked, crooked, evil, toys, and tilth to be plowed among other forms of Sharia-derived cruelty.

So what we have here is a social climate specifically constructed by the New Left which dictates that criticizing, bashing, and blaming Christians is OK but the minute someone does that regarding Sharia Law, BAM, they end up on an SPLC hate watch list and are smeared in the media and protested if not physically attacked by clueless radical Leftists that haven’t spent five minutes of their lives studying Islamic doctrine.

Why is this happening? Because the Left has employed the attitude that an enemy of their enemy is their friend. That is why the Left consistently slam Westerners/capitalist/Christians for things that they look the other way with when their own number and their allies commit these things.

In the end, this is all just more faux moral outrage the Left are using to bash those of us who want to control our borders.

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