Unmasking the ‘Homegrown Extremism’ Lie: Liberal Group Ignores Own Terrorist Data to Undermine US Immigration Policy


by Ex-Leftist


In my previous 2014 article about the New America Foundation’s (rebooted as New America) agenda-driven left wing spin of terrorism data, I explained the dubious and deceptive methodology the group uses to compile their figures while continuing to collect US government funding (notably from Hillary Clinton’s Department of State).

What is most comedic about New America’s own data is that regardless of how they try to spin it, their data still shows that Muslims commit a massive per capita majority of terrorist acts in the US, even with New America’s attempts to widen its subjective definition of terrorism to include white good-old-boys committing homicidal acts not motivated by politics or religion but rather simply because they look at certain websites or have expressed a certain political viewpoint.

In its latest incarnation suited to attack current US policy regarding the temporary restriction of migration from the Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Nations of Concern’ list, New America displays a revamped “Homegrown Extremism” study including a page with a misleading headline which reads, “Part II. Who are the Terrorists? They are as ‘American as Apple Pie.'” Below that is a large font of quoted text, “Far from being foreign infiltrators, the large majority of jihadist terrorists in the United States have been American citizens or legal residents.”

But what does the study itself bear out?

Breakdown of Terrorist Acts by Immigration Status

Firstly, it combines US citizens with “legal residents,” which is to say it purposely couples non-citizen immigrants with Americans to convey an impression that terrorism is indeed “American as apple pie” which impossible because legal residents aren’t American, let alone as “American as Apple Pie.” It also conflates US-born Americans with naturalized immigrants as one group and calls them “Homegrown Extremists.”


So in looking at their own data, the numbers break down this way:

Total terrorism incidents: 401.

Remove the Unknown and Citizen of Unknown Status groups, and we are left with 362.

Of that 362 total, 193 are US-born citizens. All of the rest are immigrants of varying status, totaling 169.

Thus, the idea that the “large majority” are Americans as “American is apple pie” is an outright lie, and the 362 includes the expanded definition the authors of this study invented to include more white boys in their data as I showed in my above-mentioned 2014 article.

Since there are far more US-born Americans in the US than immigrants of all statuses, that means on a per capita basis, immigrants commit far more acts of terrorism than US-born Americans.

So we have the New America Foundation again toying with numbers and ignoring basic mathematical concepts to convey false ideas to undermine the immigration policy of the current US administration… With funding from the previous US administration.

Breakdown of Terrorist Acts by Religion

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Muslims are approximately 1% of the US population.


And this foundation presents itself as politically non-partisan with a straight face.

We can only hope that as part of his “Drain the Swamp” promise, President Trump strips government funding from foundations in toto.