Left Radicals Scrub Castro Cuba’s Homophobic History


Useful idiots of the world UNITE!

by Ex-Leftist


I previously published an article titled, The Leftist Use of Homosexual Activism in Attacking Western Capitalist Nations explaining the politically-motivated and extremely common acts of willful moral inconsistency by the radical Left, using the gay movement – and gay marriage – as an example.

The death of Fidel Castro brought even more examples of this which are very illustrative of the deceptive strategies of propaganda radical Leftist groups use in their publications on a daily basis.

The radical Left is incapable of honestly dealing with Cuba’s history and is more concerned about saving political face, recruiting suckers, and pushing anti-American politics.

The Workers World Party’s (WWP) To live like Fidel, to fight like Fidel is a perfect example:

There are as many positive adjectives to describe Fidel as there are patterns of snowflakes: Revolutionary. Marxist/Leninist. Internationalist. Communist.  Environmentalist. Father. Husband. Leader. Statesperson. Strategist.  Anti-imperialist. Scientist. Unifier. Comandante.

To all those adjectives you could add “brilliant” and it would be no exaggeration whatsoever.

There is absolutely nothing regarding the Castro regime having incarcerated homosexuals (like Hitler did) for a decade to make the gay go away nor that the Cuban revolutionary Constitution – to this day – specifically states that marriage is between a man and a woman only.

Furthermore, homosexual acts were themselves illegal in Cuba until 1979.

The Marxist-Leninist Progressive Labor Party (PLP) condemned Fidel Castro, but didn’t mention homosexuals as a reason. Rather, it was flaws in Fidel Castro’s governance on other fronts.

The International Communist League (ICL) is very concerned for the mistreatment of homosexuals in the United States and declares that,

The socialist program is committed to the eradication of homosexual oppression, which is linked to the special oppression of women.

If that were actually the case, of course, it would seem obvious that the first flashpoint of the eradication of anti-LGBT sentiment and behavior would be in Marxist countries where the “right people” are in control and are thus in power to get things done, not ignoring it and only whining about it in capitalist countries they already hate.

In a memorial article for Fidel, the ICL had nothing to say about the regime’s treatment of homosexuals but rather criticized Cuba’s political strategies, just as the abovementioned PLP did.

The Communist Party, USA (CPUSA) went so far as to have gatherings to “celebrate Fidel Castro’s life” with poetry and song. Noted “local” Los Angeles-area attendees were members of the Salvadoran Marxist FMLN movement, Mexico’s national-socialist MORENA movement, and Nicaragua’s Marxist-Leninist-turned-Socialist International-after-Soviet-funds-dried-up Sandinistas.

The CPUSA’s gushing about Fidel came after their multiple proclamations in support of the LGBT movement in such announcements as, Gay Pride Month: Communists stand in solidarity, and statements of official position such as within Communist Party, USA: Resolution on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights where it was proclaimed,

Whereas, Working-class consciousness cannot be genuine political consciousness unless the workers are trained to respond to all cases of tyranny, oppression, violence, and abuse, no matter what class is affected (Lenin); and,

Whereas, Lesbian, gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people face various forms of oppression and discrimination; and,

Whereas, hate crime based on sexual orientation is now the second-highest category of hate crimes in the United States, and hate crimes against LGBT people are increasing; and,

Whereas the ultra-right is using hatred and prejudice against LGBT people to divide the working class; and,

Whereas the Communist Party, USA is committed to fighting against oppression and for working-class unity;

Therefore be it resolved that the Communist Party, USA redouble its efforts to fight oppression of LGBT people; and,

Be it further resolved that the Communist Party step up its efforts to work for full equality for LGBT people; and,

Be it further resolved to establish a National Commission of the Party on the fight for LGBT rights and equality.

Adopted by the 28th National Convention of the Communist Party, USA, Chicago, IL; July 1-3, 2005.

So “important,” yet so ignored in Marxist regimes, even within the CPUSA’s own publication, People’s Weekly World, which attempted to deflect criticism from the Cuban regime by downplaying Cuba’s history with homosexuals and deflecting to the usual accusatory laundry list about alleged imperialist crimes to offset what Cuba has done and is doing.

In the CPUSA’s case, the admission to Cuba’s crimes was very limited and vague whereas the accusations against Cuba’s enemies actually took up most of the article. The sole admission in the piece was a single sentence in a paragraph embedded within a volley of vitriol which read,

“For a while after the Revolution, Cuba had a repressive policy toward gay men. However, this is by now superseded by enlightened policies. Mariela Castro, President Raul Castro’s daughter, plays a leading role in fighting homophobia in Cuba. In the United States, we too have made progress on LGBT rights, but the right, especially the religious right, would like to reverse those gains, and may have their chance under Trump. In contrast, violent persecution of gay men especially still takes place in a number of countries in the world, often influenced by the agitation of the religious right.”

Note the article showed Mariela Castro marching in Europe – not in Cuba where the movement and Mariela’s marches started – and avoided saying what these “enlightened policies” were or when they were enacted and that they tried to drag in Donald Trump and the “religious right” in the United States rather than dealing with Cuba’s dirt on it’s own right sans deflection and admitting resistance against change in Cuba was always internal, beginning with those that crafted the Marxist regime to begin with, and was and continues to be enabled by radical Leftists such as themselves that continue to turn a blind eye and not express the moral outrage and organize the staged mass protests they reserve only for the Great Capitalist Pig.

Note the only mention of “violent persecution of gay men” is not recognized to have occurred in Cuba itself. The article is 100% poor quality Marxist propaganda: Cuba only vaguely had “repressive policies” which only lasted “for a while,” (which is a flagrant lie as proven above) but the other guys in other countries did the “violent persecution,” and don’t forget the “religious right” and “Trump,” so Cuba isn’t that bad, and forget about gays in concentration camps for a decade solid because Cuba did it.

The CPUSA should take its own advice: “So when you read negative stuff about human rights in Cuba these days, please remember: Charity begins at home, and hypocrisy is an ugly sin.”

Yes, the Communist Party, USA just appealed to Christian values to silence critics of its hypocrisy.

It can be understood why Leftists would ignore or try to downplay Cuba’s treatment of homosexuals, especially in light of Fidel’s half-assed apology after his retirement in 2010 in which he claimed that he “wasn’t paying enough attention” to that gay people were being herded into “re-education” camps. Of course that the upper echelons of a government weren’t aware that an entire segment of a population was being systematically imprisoned is ludicrous. Castro lied his ass off and the Left knows it, even while they continue refusing to report on the ongoing gay marriage movement in Cuba led by current Cuban president Raul Castro’s daughter (Fidel’s niece) which is financed by Western capitalist countries, of all people.

No wonder Leftists don’t want to talk about it.  They’re too busy pretending they give a shit and grandstanding solely against capitalist pigs. The WWP, which is organizing demonstrations in part because of alleged “homophobia” in a movement it calls J20.  J20 stands for January 20, 2017 – President Trump’s inauguration day – the day the WWP and its allies will be staging the #J20 protest : “On January 20th, hundreds of thousands of people will be storming the streets across the US against Trump’s accelerated assault on migrants, LGBTQ people, women, unions, people of color, and the entire working class.”

Had the WWP been remotely honest or morally consistent, they’d have condemned – not hidden – Castro’s past of putting gay people in concentration camps. More enabling behavior for Cuba.

But what would the motive be for such a thing?

Quite clearly, it is to solidify homosexual support for Marxist revolution by making one-issue appeals to gay people. It’s also to make The Other look like an evil monster and their side look like morally superior angels.

To pretend that the leaders of Marxist movements and regimes were never anti-homosexual is a propaganda campaign to lure unhappy LGBT people who are ignorant to actual historical facts that tend to be one-issue voters. To admit that these same historical Marxist leaders treated homosexuals worse than capitalist pigs ever did is quite an alienating factor in recruiting for one’s desperately thin base. So the information is sat on.

Thus, we see moral protestations and street protests about LGBT people in capitalist pig countries only.

That’s how the Left operates. Spin, rinse, repeat.



Young Communist League – Youth brainwashing arm of the ICL.