Scandal-Plagued Denver Mayor Grandstands Against Trump


Mayor Michael Hancock, scandal magnet/hooker hitter.

by Ex-Leftist


Michael Hancock, a scandal-plagued mayor of Denver since before he became mayor of Denver, seems intent on pretending that President-elect Donald Trump is hateful of immigrants, gays, and minorities while boisterously saying that the city of Denver “has your back” to them as if they were under attack by a force from outer space.

In a newly-released video, the idiot states,

“I want to be clear,” Hancock says in a video posted to YouTube on Tuesday evening. “You can count on me, and you can count on your city. We’ve got your back.”

Hancock doesn’t mention Trump by name, but the start of his video refers to the transition set in motion by the Nov. 8 election — one that has some people feeling “uncertain and anxious and, yes, even fearful” in the face of “unwelcoming and dangerous rhetoric.”

Hancock’s video message doesn’t delve into specific policies, but he says about immigration: “We will strive to keep our immigrant families together and provide them opportunities to achieve and succeed.”

More broadly, he says, “We will reject discrimination based on religion, race, sexual orientation and ethnicity.”

“Join with us now and plan out how you are going to support your local organizations, help uplift your neighborhoods and give more of yourself so that we can show our children the power of an inclusive and open city.”

Border control isn’t “dangerous rhetoric, nor is it discriminatory.” Illegal aliens aren’t immigrants and he has no right to offer illegal aliens free education or opportunities.

And local law enforcement have nothing to do with it.

Seemingly taking talking points from DNC HQ, Hancock inaccurately – intentionally – conflates legal and illegal immigrants. Make no mistake about it, it’s corruption and pandering in doing so.

This could also well be an effort by Hancock to secure his political future in higher-level office within the Democratic Party. Tow the line, repeat the Hillary-esque slurs and alarmist language against Trump. Divide by playing identity politics, encouraging group resentment, fear, and hatred while accusing Trump of being the one that’s divisive and tearing the country apart by making people racially fearful of the Evil White Male Christian Conservative hiding under their beds.

This has become the main ingredient in Democratic Party politics.

Sensible restrictions on immigration from violent Islamist hell holes isn’t “discriminatory,” it’s common sense. These people did not complain when the US restricted Communists and Nazis from immigrating to the United States during the Cold War.  They are violent anti-American ideologies and there is nothing wrong with excluding such from our shores. Trump’s restrictions are temporary and limited to when we can get better vetting apparatus in place. That’s something Hancock, the Democratic Party, and nearly all major media intentionally ignore.

Instead of telling people frightened by mindless acceptance of political bullshit from the DNC, rather Hancock seems intent on seizing the moment and trying to come off as a white knight for people who aren’t being attacked.

And the sheeple eat it up and feel better and have nice dreams.

What could possibly motivate Hancock to seek favorable publicity by grandstanding?

A summary of Hancock’s political black eyes:

  1. Cronyism: He hired a longtime friend as a personal assistant, giving him a 100% pay increase over the previous holder of the position under mayor Hickenlooper. This man quit or was fired after it was revealed he made inappropriate comments to a female police officer.
  2. Prostitution : Hancock’s alternately-spelled name and personal phone number were on a client’s list having booked three separate visits with an escort of the Denver Players Club, a high-end prostitution service. During this time, the Players Club was under federal investigation for tax evasion and racketeering, and Denver City Hall sat on records of the investigation that could have presented Hancock in a negative light less than a week before the election.
  3. Bribery I : Elias Diggins, selected by Hancock to run the Denver Sheriff Department in 2014, had a criminal record including but not limited to attempted bribery of a public official.
  4. Bribery II : Larry Stevenson, best man at Hancock’s wedding and during the Hancock administration, the supervisor of Denver’s excise and license’s department, was federally indicted on bribery charges in 2015 which involved a contractor for public transportation services.
  5. Ethics: Colorado Ethics Watch reports that the mayor and City Council are having their campaigns lavishly bankrolled by real estate developers with interests in the city. Hancock is reported to not only have taken contributions from developers, but has made campaign calls from their offices. He also campaigned for a bill limiting the damages homeowners could get for shoddy construction.
  6. The Homeless : Enraged by Hancock’s policy toward the homeless, Anonymous has actually threatened him with release of damning documents regarding his associations with the prostitution ring if he doesn’t step down.

But really, good citizens of Denver. You can believe Mayor Hancock. He’s got your backs. Can’t you tell?