The New York Times’ Flaccid Hit Piece Attempt Against Bannon and Breitbart


by Ex-Leftist


In the headline, Stephen Bannon and Breitbart News, in Their Words, the NY Times dishonestly posted select quotes from Stephen Bannon in an attempt to cast him as a monster.

The article heavily mines an article by Ronald Radosh of the left wing website The Daily Beast which contained alleged quotations apparently only heard by him in an alleged conversation with Bannon which took place two years previously. Bannon denies the conversation took place, so either Radosh is an excellent note-taker or he may well have invented at least parts of this conversation.

When was the last time the mainstream media quote-mined from a conservative website to cast doubt on a Democrat appointee?

Aside from that, many of the quotations on the NY Times page which are supposed to be upsetting to the audience are hardly scandalous: Yes, Bannon dislikes the political establishment and wants to change it. He sees it as entrenched and corrupt. I doubt many would disagree with this. What’s controversial about saying the Republican party needs to be bitch-slapped? It does and it was. Occupy Wallstreeters are dirty? Yes. They are. They need a bath. Many of them are also radical Leftists including but not limited to anarchists and communists. The mainstream news should have been pointing out the heavy radical Leftist presence in the Occupy movement as they should be now with the heavy radical Leftist presence in the anti-Trump riots that occurred following the 2016 election. But they collectively lack interest in this as they only seem to be interested in playing a game of find-the-Nazi.

The NYT omits several important issues when attempting to cast Breitbart as a hate site: First, the half-assed attempt to cast Breitbart as anti-LGBT. The Times quotes Breitbart technology editor Milo Yiannopulous more than once but fails to mention that he is a homosexual. The Times article points out he was banned from Twitter for allegedly inciting racist attacks against a black Ghostbusters actor, but the article fails to mention that most of Yiannopuolous’ boyfriends are black themselves and that Milo stated that the actress – Leslie Jones – reminded him of a black man he once dated.

The mention of “some critics” who say that Bannon’s Breitbart is “steeped in misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, white nationalism and anti-Semitism.” Much of this comes from a press release by the DNC-tied, Soros-funded Media Matters organization. For Media Matters to call Breitbart “white nationalist” and that “alt-right equals white nationalist” is laughable. That must be why they “forgot” to include evidence to substantiate those labels in their article that go beyond sweeping generalizations and fudging definitions as the partisan left wing Mother Jones did (and an unverified quote it posted) which was cited by Media Matters as “proof.”

Real, actual white nationalists are 5 guys in a clown car and 2 of them are FBI informants. Real, actual white nationalists want to expel all non-whites from white-majority countries following a “day of the rope” in which those they brand as race traitors are killed off along with Jews. Real, actual white nationalists follow people like The Order and other fringe groups hoping to start a race war. They view the US government as ZOG (Zionist-Occupied Government), they hate cops, and like all too many Muslims, admire Hitler and whip up conspiracy theories about Jewish control of the world. Only the grossly ignorant – or grossly dishonest – would conflate people such as that with Breitbart.

Americans demanding the right to national sovereignty and the right to control their borders is not white nationalism or racism or anything else.

Accuracy matters and the New York Times is joining with the progressive media herd in using loose language to attack people for political advantage, crafting narratives equally scary and false to dupe millions of readers.

When you write an article that only quotes liberal websites that share only liberal points of view, you’re saying you’re a partisan liberal hack and not a professional, objective journalist.

If we wanted liberal views, we wouldn’t go to traditional news websites. We’d go directly to these partisan websites directly. We don’t need you citing them exclusively in copy/paste style into your article so we can be pelted with your confirmation bias and political prejudices.

As part of this con, the NYT article tries to smear Breitbart as anti-Semitic because it posted an article by the formerly radical Leftist Jewish man David Horowitz which called Bill Kristol a “renegade Jew” for his anti-Trump attacks. Apparently it’s OK for Jews to call out Jews as long as a gentile website doesn’t post the article.

That’s precious.

And Milo Yiannopulous is Jewish as are many of Donald Trump’s grandchildren.

Notice how we never see the NYT or any other major media outlet try to smear a Democrat staffer or appointee by whipping up such nonsense?

Put down the pom pons for once, NYT.