AK 47 Fends Off Four Armed Robbers


Shoot-out during Conroe jewelry store robbery leaves one assailant dead

by Catherine Dominguez of Your Houston News



In the aftermath of the bullet spray, one robber lay dead in the doorway among shattered glass; while Turner, his employees and customers were left shaken but unharmed.

The three other robbers fled the scene in the Conroe West strip center in the 4800 block of Texas 105 West.

“You always have a right to defend yourself, especially when the robber shoots at you,” said Turner’s attorney E. Tay Bond, who said all the witnesses and Turner reported the four men started shooting first. “Jeff does keep an AK-47 for defense purposes.”

Bond said Turner called him to the scene after the shooting.

The identity of the dead man has not been released.

According to Conroe Police Lt. Dorcy McGinnis, four black males dressed in all black entered Jeff’s Jewelry around lunchtime and demanded jewelry, purses and other items. They opened fire on the store employees and customers, with at least three store workers firing back.

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