The Intercept’s LaChance Pulls the Hitler Card


There is nothing wrong whatsoever with this comparison.

by Ex-Leftist


Godwin’s Law aka Reductio ad Hitlerum states that, “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches. In other words… given enough time, in any online discussion regardless of topic or scope someone inevitably criticizes some point made in the discussion by comparing it to beliefs held by Hitler and the Nazis.”

Naomi LaChance of The Intercept, bless her soul, pulled a whopper of Godwin’s Law and tried to claim that Donald Trump, Jr’s comment comparing (allegedly) Syrian refugees with Skittles as Nazi went out of her way to stretch history to the point of outright fabrication to selectively attack Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

Yes, folks. Skittles equals Hitler.

She laughably claimed that infamous Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher “originated” the Skittles comparison in the headline which reads, “Nazi Who Originated Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles Analogy Was Hanged at Nuremberg.”

Skittles didn’t exist back then (try 1974) and thus Streicher never mentioned them, which LaChance indirectly admits to in her own article, immediately backpedaling on the hysterical headline and its wild claim and calling it instead a “concept” which allegedly originated with Streicher (actually it didn’t but it serves her to have you believe it did) and applied to Jews, thus magically – in guilt by alleged association fashion even when there is actually no association – it applies to the refugees also and the Trump campaign’s stand on these alleged war refugees as well as the campaign’s stand on immigration are voila! invalidated.

Never you mind that Israel itself isn’t admitting a single one of these refugees and isn’t being compared to Hitler for its refusal to do so. Only conservatives in historically white majority countries are being Hitler-bashed.

LaChance wants us to agree with her not because she made a coherent, reasoned argument, but rather that she pulled the Hitler card as a way of snapping her fingers to get us all to sheepishly fall in line.

And she never did explain why Trump Jr’s comment was invalid. She just cried Hitler. That’s it. Nothing else. So shut up and conform and hate Trump, too.

Arguing in labels is a very common tactic on the political Left as they are an attempt to compensate for a weak argument.

Worse than this, LaChance appealed to emotional outrage by doing this: She wants us to recoil in horror because she put Hitler in the same paragraph as Trump so that we’ll drool like Pavlov’s dogs and pile on with her. Not only does she demean her reading audience in doing this by grossly underestimating their intelligence, she also demeans women in general that she – as a woman – would use such a mindless, emotional tactic seeking to appeal the stereotypical blind knee-jerk emotionality of women instead of their reason.

But when does the political Left actually treat its female audience like intelligent, contemplative consumers of information?

LaChance goes out of her way – akin to a drunk driver trying to avoid a sobriety checkpoint – to avoid discussing why we should let in unvetted alleged refugees from a violent Islamic war zone. Trying to shut down questions by invoking the Hitler card is something on the level of intellect of a 10 year old child.

What we ultimately have here is just another attempt by left wing media to character assassinate the Trump campaign by engaging in 1) avoidance of discussion of the issues on their merits and instead, 2) calling racist/sexist/xenophobe and trying to tie-in Hitler in some manner, ignoring that Donald Trump has Jewish grandchildren and is a staunch supporter of Israel.

We are not told why border control in white majority countries is Hitlerian but it’s not anywhere else. Contrast the policies favored by Trump and current immigration policy and border control by Israel. Israel has a strict Jew-only immigration system, a large border wall which the US helped to fund, and the Israeli government routinely refers to illegal aliens as “infiltrators” as it carries out its Prevention of Infiltration Law which exists for fear of terrorism, while we here in the West are Nazi-bashed for wanting stricter entry controls for fear of terrorism. And we get not a peep in outrage from the LaChances of the world nor an explanation as to why it’s only evil for white gentile majority countries to enact such laws.

Does something sound fishy to you?

Furthermore, Hillary Clinton – depending on what audience she’s in – has stressed the need for strong border control herself. Again, not a peep from this crowd. Clinton had even advocated deporting children sent alone over the border.

That publications such as The Intercept would allow such filth to be published speaks volumes about the reliability and professionalism of that website. The Intercept is a New Leftist propaganda mill and little else.

This is blatant in-your-face anti-white racism.

LaChance’s tactics have been explained by former Israel Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni: