Is the American Voter This Shallow?

by Ex-Leftist


Now that Bernie Sanders had the entire primary election process rigged against him by the DNC establishment as WikiLeaks emails have shown, the political and economic establishment clique of both Democrats and Republicans are trying to save their power by attacking Donald Trump’s lack of political campaign experience and his flouting of political campaign norms, spinning his remarks into things he never said, making gaffes or sarcastic statements look like intentional statements of evil intent, etc. Trump speaks conversationally and without script, and it seems that a sector of American voters view him as un-presidential in no small part due to this lack of being fine-tuned and polished such as Hillary Clinton and countless other career politicians who are literally coached in how to use manipulative, carefully-selected language to influence people and project a desired image of bullshit professionalism which is thrown out the window the moment the cameras are turned off.

Being genuine is actually perceived as a liability in the 2016 election due to the effectiveness of the Democratic Party (and allied GOP) spin apparatus and sympathetic, cooperative media that together harp about Trump’s gaffes in lieu of Hillary and the DNC’s endless scandals so as to kill those scandals by deflection and silence.

No – conforming to some arbitrary standard of “presidential” image-projection is not important, let alone so important as if that alone disqualifies someone from office. That’s not a coherent argument but a cheap political gambit.


It would be hoped that the American people learned after being sweet talked by Barack Obama in 2008 that substance is more important than ear tickling speech from teleprompters and swooning throngs following a cult of personality that immediately stabs them in the back the minute the said object of public and media affection assumes power and continues the very policies he claimed to be against (see the Patriot Act). The Germans learned this ugly lesson in 1945 and it seems that Americans still have yet to grasp it. Germany was destroyed due to this type of behavior, and it seems the United States may well follow Germany’s path, but irretrievably so.

Hillary Clinton is largely running on anti-Trump attack advertisements rather than coherent selling points for her own accomplishments and positions and as of this writing in August 2016 has avoided press conferences since December 4, 2015. These alone should raise red flags galore in the minds of voters. She lacks accomplishments, her positions change with the audience she’s speaking in front of, her accent changes to copy the regional audience she’s speaking in front of, she denies wanting to take guns away but then says that an Australian-style mandatory gun confiscation program is “worth considering”; she says she’s pro-worker but says nothing about the impact of weak border control, high immigration levels, and amnesty of illegal aliens on the wages and opportunities of tens of millions of unskilled and low skill US workers and the IT industry which is suffering both loss of jobs to cheaper overseas labor pools and domestically to cheaper migrant labor that continues to pour in by the millions. She’s actively avoiding uncontrolled press appearances and will only answer a few select questions.

Candidates avoid uncontrolled press conferences when they have something to hide.

Hillary is depending on voters to place Trump’s violation of an arbitrarily-established set of politically correct ideals (which amazingly coincide exactly with the Democratic Party platform) over the future integrity of our country’s existence, our jobs, our culture, our way of life as endlessly spun in both Democrat talking points (WikiLeaks) and the propaganda articles churned out by allied media and parroted point by point by emotionally outraged voters who don’t seem interested or able to go beyond knee-jerk reactions and independently dig into substance and consequences of stated policy.

Democrats are appealing to emotion to invoke hostile emotional reactions against Trump to earn your vote. Democrats have gone so far as to send fake protesters with DNC-authored signs to accomplish this.

Again, this should be sending up red flags but according to the polls, millions of people are falling for it.

Are you all really that emotionally immature, sheltered, uncritical, and gullible?

Is a country founded on revolutionary spirit this easily led by the nose?

Are you willing to accept the claims of outraged partisan pundits over doing your own research on Trump’s statements and positions without a politically-poisoned mind when something so important as the future of the United States of America is at stake so as to assure the media sources you are reading aren’t trying to manipulate you by distortion and/or omission of facts?

Is the American electorate this intellectually lazy, non-inquisitive, uncritical, emotionally-driven and dumb? If so, you deserve what is coming by continuing to vote for candidates whose policies on border control alone directly threaten the future existence of this country as we know it and help empower the importation of mountains of Mexican heroin and meth and give millions of American jobs to the 1,000,000 new Green Card holders we give out like candy every year and to the millions of illegal aliens that Hillary wants to amnesty and drive to the voting booths as a tactic to consolidate political power and turn the US into a one-party hell hole like Mexico or Cuba, except ours will be a cultureless market of cheap labor and dollar burgers instead of a viable country with an actual national identity and culture. At least Mexico and Cuba retain those… But then again, they aren’t drowning in millions of migrants with wholly unsimilar cultures, either.

You need to decide and decide now: Do you want a country or a marketplace?

We can only hope the polls are wrong. If not, the United States lacks an electorate willing to protect the inheritance their fathers gave them and is willing to give it away to whoever sweet talks them into handing it over, as if they were as mature as a 15 year old in the back of an Oldsmobile.