DNC Emails Major Media Ignore


The DNC: A deer in the headlights.

To be expanded as more emails are discovered and revealed…

The DNC and its allies stage protests, sometimes DNC interns are sent as protesters if its political allies don’t “deliver bodies.”

DNC finance director making fun of a black woman’s name.

DNC national finance director telling the above-mentioned director who made fun of a black woman’s name, “I love you too. No homo.”

DNC deputy national press secretary asking for an MSNBC commentary to be pulled off air.

DNC national press director feeding a news item to Greg Sargent at the Washington Post, who frequently writes anti-Trump articles.

DNC discussing illegality of a co-hosted political fundraiser with the Washington Post for Hillary Clinton.

DNC discussing establishing relationships by “offering to help” Latino reporters at Univision, discusses with how to “shape” stories with Latino Reuters news agency staff, and about “walking the reporter through” the making of an oppo video.

DNC staffers discussing with Gloria Allred a fundraising letter and joking about her taking it upon herself to “edit our propaganda.”

DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz noted she had “friends” inside the Bernie Sanders campaign that could provide the DNC with information.

DNC staffers complain that the “fucking Morning Joe” program on MSNBC is saying the system is rigged in favor of Hillary and that the DNC needs to complain to the show’s producer.

DNC discussing their relationship with MSNBC, NBC, and CNN on how to get better coverage.

Trump has 5 million vote advantage over Dems in turnout, DNC staffer speaks of working with Ukrainians to get the country into the European Union, DNC Super PAC hired young voters to “push back” against Sanders supporters online.

Politico writer Ken Vogel forwarded an article about DNC fundraising to the DNC press secretary before publication – for editing. The published final work includes the phrase, “In fact, the DNC, which has pushed back aggressively on charges that it is boosting Clinton at the expense of other Democrats, has advised state party officials on how to answer media inquiries about the arrangement, multiple sources familiar with the interactions told POLITICO.” The published Politico story is here.