Chancellor Angela Merkel’s German Legacy

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Suicide bomber in Ansbach, Germany pledged allegiance to ISIS leader


Scene of Ansbach, Germany ISIS suicide bombing.








Syrian Refugee Arrested in Germany After Fatal Machete Attack


Body of German woman hacked to death in the German city of Reutlingen by Syrian Refugee.







German axe attack on train: Isil claim Afghan refugee who injured four as one of its ‘fighters’


Axe attack scene on train in Würzburg, Germany, 2016.








Munich knife attack: One dead after man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacks four at train station in Grafing, Germany

Bloody footprints from a train in Grafing, Germany.

Bloody footprints from a train in Grafing, Germany.








And the list goes on…

Terrorism in Germany : Past terror attacks and plots

These people are already killing Europeans before the get as far north as Europe:

ISIS Suicide Bomber from Syria in Istanbul, Turkey Kills 10 German Tourists







Where do groups like ISIS get this violence from?


The official magazine of ISIS celebrating terrorist tactics.












Bulugh al-Maram, a manual of Sharia Law from the popular Shafi’i school of Islamic thought, gives some sage advice with primary source materials drawn from the Quran and authentic traditions of Muhammad.  An English translation of this book is sold in American Islamic bookstores such as Dar-us-Salaam.





















Sunan Ibn Majah: Traditions agree with the Quran on the utmost importance of taking up arms to fight for the cause of Allah.











Sunan Ibn Majah: The best Jihad is a bloody Jihad.











Sahih Muslim : Oh goodie! You can raid unbelievers without bothering to warn them with the invite to Islam first!