New Left: Transsexual Desire Trumps Female Safety

Jason Pomare accessed a women's restroom in 2013 by wearing drag and filmed women and girls for several hours before being caught.

Jason Pomare accessed a women’s restroom in 2013 by wearing drag (since it was his “right”) and filmed women and girls for several hours before being caught.

by Ex-Leftist


The New Left’s hierarchy of victims has decreed that transsexuals (and the LGBT crowd as a whole) are greater victims of society than women and girls, thus women and girls are expected to accommodate those born as males (and frequently still are outwardly male) into women’s and girls restrooms and locker rooms.

LGBT advocacy groups such as Amplify Your Voice insist that such facilities are “a right” and that transgendered people are allegedly subject to harassment and assault if they use the facilities according to the gender of which they were born.

Now of course what emerges from this is a clear double-standard. The harassment women and girls face when being forced to share bathrooms with grown men is completely ignored in favor of the desires of the transgendered to use bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender they were not born as.

So it is a right to not face harassment if you’re transgendered but it’s not a right to not face harassment – or rape, groping, etc. – if you’re a woman or a girl.

There is no comparison between the dangers that tens of millions of females face in light of fears of some thousands of men who identify as women and want to use their facilities. It is bad enough to consider these two sides equal in worth; rather, accommodating the males is seen as far more important than the legitimate concerns of women and girls who make up over 50% of the population.

The qualification for this double standard is… not given. Rather, the usual slurry bomb of negative labeling is the response to those who won’t conform: homophobe, transphobe, bigot, etc.

“Go along with this or you’re X slur.”

Clearly there is no rational reason to let males into women’s restrooms and locker rooms due to a minute fraction of them with gender identity issues. Sadly, weak apologist arguments are offered such as, “If a sex predator wants in, they’ll get in regardless.”

Worse than this, women and girls who are survivors of sexual assaults are expected to share their private spaces with these males, and we’ve already seen cases of sexual predators taking advantage of the emerging “right” for men to present themselves in women’s locker rooms and restrooms.

According to this logic, then why not get rid of fences and locks on windows and doors since those “intent” on doing it anyway will do so? The same with having children play in a safer, fenced-in area. We always hear how some child here and there slips out of their safe play area and wanders into traffic, so why not dispense with any and all safety measures and just let the children wander wherever because it’ll happen regardless?

If we would never consider doing these things due to the obvious increase is danger, then why are women and girls being told to toss their safety and privacy to the four winds to satisfy the desires of a small fraction of the population?

Because the media are championing their cause and are giving it airplay, adding on to the social pressure that activist groups are already heaping on people to conform?

Selectively holding females to a different standard and ignoring their safety concerns to satisfy male desires? Sounds like a classic case of misogyny if there ever was one.

Reports of men accessing women’s facilities and committing sex crimes are already emerging.

Welcome to the new zeitgeist, brought to you by the New Left.

Why isn’t an alternative being offered such as having people who have had sex change surgeries and/or are taking hormone regimens get a card issued by the state by referral from a physician to access these facilities, rather than forcing the doors open to everyone?

Ulterior motives?