The New Racial Profiling: Pledging While White

Jews taking an oath of loyalty at the grave of Zionist leader Theodor Herzl. Nazis also?

Jews taking a pledge at the grave of Zionist leader Theodor Herzl. Nazis also?

by Ex-Leftist


Can these people possibly stoop lower?

Great, so you dislike Donald Trump.

But why is it that white candidates – specifically ones belonging to conservative political parties – are singled out and subject to racial insinuations, racial litmus tests, race baiting, and outright lying?

Abe Foxman, former head of the Anti-Defamation (disagreement) League is still seemingly hell-bent on attacking even semi-conservative white people like Trump or groups that support doing in the US what Israel does with impunity, namely strict border control and restrictions against mass immigration and refusals to take in Syrian “refugees.” He has claimed that the crowd taking the Trump pledge was an “intentional, Hitler-style” gambit. He’s either lying (very likely) or ignorant that Trump has Jewish grandchildren. His words are complete garbage either way. Absolutely not newsworthy.

This lunatic actually said with a serious and straight face that,

“As a Jew who survived the Holocaust, to see an audience of thousands of people raising their hands in what looks like the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute is about as offensive, obnoxious and disgusting as anything I thought I would ever witness in the United States of America,” he told The Times of Israel.

“We’ve seen this sort of thing at rallies of neo-Nazis. We’ve seen it at rallies of white supremacists. But to see it at a rally for a legitimate candidate for the presidency of the United States is outrageous.”

Foxman is either a liar completely lacking any semblance of a moral compass or he’s mentally deranged beyond hope.

This writer will go with complete liar. Abraham Foxman is a flaming racist.

Foxman’s crap shouldn’t have gotten any coverage. It should have never been published in the Israeli newspaper he said it to, and journalists should not have repeated it as if it were a story.

Of course when media selectively publish outrageous claims against certain candidates but not others, the issue of journalistic cheerleading is a legitimate question.

Predictably, left of center media especially bit on Foxman’s cud and ran with it. They hate Trump’s guts and they frequently lack any interest in honesty. Even gutter-level “mainstream” cable news media ran with it.

The headline from the Huffington Post reads,

This Donald Trump Rally Looks Like A Scene From Nazi Germany. It is getting way too scary.

The Raw Story’s version:

Holocaust survivor slams Trump’s ‘Heil Hitler’ salute: ‘He’s asking them to swear allegiance to him’

The  Forward reads,

Donald Trump Is Practically Begging for Hitler Comparison With This Salute

Mainstream media like MSNBC not only bit, but they oddly claimed Trump’s audience was “far-right.”

Trump’s unfortunate call to supporters: ‘Raise your right hand’


Intelligent people can immediately see the similarities.

Intelligent people can immediately see the similarities.

Of course, there is no explanation as to why it’s OK for one group to restrict immigration and have strong border controls whereas it’s “Nazi” for another.  Clearly, the only differences between the two are the ethnic backgrounds of the accused and accuser in question combined with the personal subjective animus of the accusing Nazi-baiter whose own ethnic prejudices are oddly never questioned by the political in-crowd that publishes him. But then again, they don’t question anti-white racism generally either out of sheer cowardice or compliant support for the accusatory bigot. And the Nazi-baiter sat himself on the Pedestal of Victimhood by invoking the holocaust which renders him immune to being questioned by anyone that wants to keep their job.

Plus, attacking white people is safe space filler in newsprint, anyway. It also happens to satisfy the confirmation bias of readers of certain political persuasions.

Since Foxman has a well-known record of wanting Israel to stay a Jewish State which by definition means tight immigration and border controls, it then becomes pretty obvious what he was up to. Indeed, this man is attacking people like Trump for sharing similar demographic concerns that have been openly discussed in Israel, without condemnation, except that in the US political power is shared whereas in Israel its nearly completely in Jewish hands alone.

It’s also blatantly obvious that Trump’s stance of being “neutral” in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations had a role in Foxman’s attacks as well.

But the media should have observed this and either ignored his obviously bogus attacks on Trump or at least presented them in a context that would show possible motives on Foxman’s part as there are motives aplenty.

Uncritically publishing racial attacks makes the publisher a part of them.

Kudos to CNN, Fox, and ABC News for not biting.

The new racial profiling: Pledging While White, now joining Policing While White, Self-Defense While White, Working While White, and of course, Breathing While White. Every single accusation driven not by fact but by racial animus and social/political agendas.

Race and historical grievance as a political and social weapon. It will continue as long as it works. It’s been working for decades.

Who cares if it’s just raising one’s hand which isn’t even what a Nazi salute is? White people are doing it. Good enough. Insert manufactured outrage, empty bowels in trousers, demand accommodation. It’s enough to make an if even pathetically thin pretext to launch another agenda-driven attack. Attack the race, get stuff.

Little Nazis in training. K-12 education should be ashamed.

Little Nazis in training. K-12 education should be ashamed.

Would the same people cast a political rally full of dark faces as “looking like San Quentin”? So that is racist but calling a rally of white people raising their hands a Nazi rally isn’t racist?

Of course these Nazi-baiters go out of their way to avoid defending their hysterical claims because they know they are so blatantly false, plus these slurs impress the more emotional, uneducated, and uncritical consumer of this propaganda which for some odd reason is more prolific during election years.

This hysterical language is meant to subjugate the brain to a provoked stream of intense emotion at such horrifying catch-words like Nazi or Klan so as render the recipients of this language at the mercy of their emotions so that their reasoning faculties are compromised and they hate Candidate X based on a negative emotional association rather than a reasoned consideration of the issues.

It also is a weapon of rendering the target of the slur speechless and on the defensive, scrambling to prove himself that he’s not really a Nazi or Klan supporter. Gotcha!

Political rally or San Quentin Penitentiary cafeteria? What? Doesn't work both ways?

Political rally or San Quentin Penitentiary cafeteria? What? Doesn’t work both ways?

What it comes down to are people who while loudly claiming to be “anti racist,” are yet again those who are the first to engage in racism by race baiting, but since that racism is against white people, it’s no big deal and the political and media establishment will at the least look the other direction if not actively participate as both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have done with their salutes to the racist organization Black Li(v)es Matter, who spend their time white-bashing and randomly trespassing into restaurants where they verbally racially assault every white person within earshot, to the delight of white self-loathers everywhere with racial guilt complexes they’ve been taught they can only resolve by giving everything way and taking blame. Race baiting white people has become a key staple of politics, in no small thanks to the apparent successes it has had in rendering white candidates to self-consciously go out of their way to walk on eggshells since at least 2008.

And as long as white people continue to take it sitting down, it is not going to stop.

Bernie with Commies? Yawn. Trump with raised white hand? Viral!

Bernie with Commies? Yawn. Trump with raised white hand? Viral!