NY Times Calls for Total Ban of Rifles


by Ex-Leftist


This ediTARDIAL has a lot of original thinking in it. We have 1) They plagiarized Obama’s scare-tactic language referring to semiautomatic sports rifles as “weapons of war,” and 2) they promote the idea of bringing back the failed 2013 ASSault weapons ban legislation which would have banned nearly all rifles, including all semiautomatic ones without exception, and 3) Why should we do this? To save lives, silly!

With such politically conformist language throughout this article, it’s very clear that the NYT ediTARDS haven’t done an ounce of independent research to compile any facts, otherwise we would reasonably expect these researched, compiled facts to be presented as part of what we are supposed to think is a bit of persuasive writing here as opposed to something that reads like it was produced by a political propaganda mill.

But no. It reads like carbon copy of an Obama speech instead.

Now that we have established this article is no more than political boilerplate, we can look closer at the data that supports or debunks what the NYT is pushing here, and what we get is this.

Rifles of all kinds are used in an average about 370 murders per year. (Note that Biden’s favored shotgun is used in more than that.) We are told that we need to ban rifles because ~370 out of 300,000,000+ in the US are murdered with them annually, a small fraction of those in high-profile cases which receive the most media coverage and are used as the launching point for media anti-gun rights campaigns.

But we don’t need to ban Biden’s shotgun though it is used in more murders.

Compare this to death rates related to alcohol.

10,000 a year die by drunken driving, and not only is the NYT not calling for prohibition like they are with rifles, they wrote an ediTARDial calling for prohibition of marijuana to join alcohol in being repealed.

So 10,000 dead by drunk driving isn’t news, but a few dead in high profile cases involving a rifle is news and is such a big sensation that we have to form a movement to ban the rifles.

Is this about lives or about guns?

They want to ban a Constitutional right to keep and bear common-use firearms, but they want to legalize more vices… In the name of saving lives.

These people are either incorrigible morons or are ideologically allied with the Democratic Party and are pushing it’s main political goals in their ediTARDials.

You make the call.