Denver Broncos Website Conflates Terrorism with Mass Shootings


Wanted: Fact checker. Apply at Denver Broncos.

by Ex-Leftist



In a community interest piece about Peyton Manning called “’30 for 30′ on Manning and Chattanooga Five” who happened to be in Tennessee when the Chattanooga terrorist shootings happened in two Marines recruiting centers, there is a glaring distortion of facts on these incidents: That they were Islamic wasn’t mentioned at all and that they were terrorism was only mentioned once in passing via a sound byte from a TV news item.

Instead we were given a heaping helping of “mass shooting” nonsense at the beginning of the clip that reads like a press release from an anti-2nd Amendment agenda organization such as the Brady Center, Everytown, or Joyce Foundation.

This is an example of the type of pandering to Islam that is rife in Western media. What’s worse is that it conflates terrorism with mass shootings as if the Broncos were trying to advance the agenda of the anti-2A crowd by engaging in more definition stretching to promote a larger death count as a means of advancing legislation.

The Denver Broncos is owned and operated by conservatives, and yet we see this type of liberal propaganda that one would expect to see from MSNBC?

The video opens with a claim that “In the first 300 days of 2015, there were at least 280 mass shootings in the United States. Over 1400 people were injured or killed. This is the story of just one shootings and the five men who lost their lives.” If you Google this citation, we are led to a website called which is increasingly being cited by left of center media. The website according to a DNS Lookup is run by a man out of his Portland, Oregon apartment. This man, in his apartment, invented his own criteria for mass shooting and includes family violence, robberies, and gang killings and is not limited according to the FBI criteria of mass murder as the Mother Jones Magazine Mass Shooting Study which (for the most part but didn’t always keep this standard) measured random mass killings of people which is the traditional definition of mass shooting… And it does NOT include terrorism.


This does not equal terrorism and it’s repulsive to pretend it does.

Why are mainstream media and now football teams blindly citing a website run out of some guy’s apartment for factual information? Are the days of fact checking this far behind us?

Peyton? Elway? What on earth were you thinking?

Just please don’t do a story on 9-11 lest we hear avoidance of the term ISLAMIC TERRORISM and go off on some tangential rambling about a vague mass casualty incident on par with a lone lunatic in a movie theater with a rifle and homicidal ideations, OK?

If you can’t relate the context accurately, don’t make the story. Work on your offense. It sucks.