The Guardian’s Journalistic Spin to Incite Outrage Against Deporting Illegals


Oh noes! Take them in or you’re a xenophobic bigot and shit! 

by Ex-Leftist


Oh no! Deportation “is killing them!” (Them being a whopping three allegedly verified people.)

The Left’s bread and butter argument: Correlation equals causation.

The Left’s other bread and butter argument: Shut up and take them in without considering the negative impact on your own country or you’re a bigot, etc. etc.

Apparently we’re now not allowed to deport those here illegally on the grounds that we must somehow magically ensure their safety when they return home.

Groups like Human Rights Watch oddly never consider the negative impact on host countries that illegal and mass legal migration causes as a component of human rights which are being negatively impacted. Neither do campus zealots like Elizabeth Kennedy, obviously. Kennedy’s analysis of the issue goes as far as “newspaper clippings,” interviews in which she takes people on face value without investigation, and unsubstantiated accusations. (What a great job one could have, being paid in part to gather newspaper clippings rather than really work!)

Kennedy graciously has a website which lists her methodology in her work. What we don’t see is that she ever considers the negative impact that these migrants have on the host country including but not limited to the importation of gang violence, nor does she consider that these people who were killed may have been gang members themselves. She has not questioned why these people are coming to the US – and specifically the US and not somewhere else as if they were actually economic migrants seeking personal profit via jobs, theft rings, prostitution rings, human smuggling, or dealing drugs to gringos. Nor why they’re mostly males. It also seems quite obvious that if one is able to migrate across a border 1,000+ miles away to escape a gang-rotted town, then why can’t the same people simply move to a safer part of their own country?

They clearly have the means!

And why is the only “solution” presented for us to take them in every single time? Why do we always have to pull up our blouses and reveal the milk tit?

Of course asking such questions would lessen the sympathy level, wouldn’t it?

It may even make those asking the questions feel like they were being taken advantage of and/or lied to.

Worse yet, HRW and Kennedy are implicitly telling us in the process that these illegal aliens’ lives are more important than our own since neither party has ever bothered to study how many Americans are murdered every year by illegal aliens and what that means in terms of our safety and how it should be protected in immigration policy and enforcement.

In the eyes of these people, the US and other countries should be taking in countless people who claim to “flee gang violence” (while providing no proof of that let alone gang membership of these individuals) but the US and other countries can’t refuse these people in order to keep gang violence out. Nice.

How many Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens? How many have been made chemical slaves by Mexican heroin and meth? The Left doesn’t give a rat’s ass, folks.

Look again at that. The Guardian made a headline article about “three confirmed” dead people who were deported while they have yet to discuss Americans killed by these migrant gangs flowing unchecked over the border.

Three dead brown people are news but thousands of dead Americans aren’t. So in the end, it appears that Human Rights Watch and Elizabeth Kennedy aren’t really concerned about safety from gang violence after all.

Yes, they did that. THAT is what you call journalistic cheerleading and Elizabeth Kennedy needs to get a real job. Any job. Just get a real job.

If we are expected to be obligated into taking in countless unvetted droves from violent parts of the world – which is nearly all of the world – that would be breaching our national sovereignty to the extreme and subjecting us to who knows how many more illegal alien gang bangers than we already have that are causing havoc on our streets, ultimately deluging us so badly that the US and any other Western country subject to such a policy would eventually become indistinct from the very violent holes that we’re expected to import people from.

And such loose immigration policy is why we’re seeing parallel Sharia courts set up in parts of Europe and why southern California is overflowing in Latino gangs.

The migrants don’t like you, they don’t give a shit about assimilating, and they just like your comfortable country and jobs. You like? Good neighbors, those!