Denver City Council Persecutes Chick-fil-A

velvetmafiaCity Council members, considering new concession deal, say company’s past same-sex marriage stance causes concerns

by Ex-Leftist


Yes, that’s right… Chick fil A’s stance. Not behavior toward customers or employees. Stance, aka beliefs.

This is just another example of Left city governments attempting to persecute Chick fil A and thus violate the company’s First Amendment rights not counting civil rights laws against religious discrimination.

Robin Kneich, who for whatever odd reason felt the need to proclaim her taste for vagina in a public arena as if seeking attention for it, is concerned that the company’s private donations are “used to fund and fuel discrimination.”

Of course that’s bald-faced bullshit. The only funding being used to fuel discrimination here is funds from the City of Denver’s coffers on this Velvet Mafia foray into Constitution burning.

If funding against gay marriage when allowing gay marriage is currently law equals discrimination, then homosexual funding against anti-gay marriage laws when they were the law of the land is also discrimination.

Yes, the shoe does fit on the other foot.

These people are trying to ban a business based on its ownership’s private charity giving — not on any record of discrimination according to federal law.

This is a personal grudge based on personal tastes which is way outside of the law and is thinly-cloaked in misplaced anti-discrimination rhetoric.

This is persecution and discrimination, and the City of Denver needs to have its socks sued off (again).

As if Denver didn’t have enough issues to give it a black eye such as the rampant homeless/pothead population roaming freely all over and around downtown Denver, we now have a minority contingent of loud-mouthed homosexuals trying to violate federal law and act as personal dictators erecting ideological litmus tests and doling out city contracts accordingly. Good work, assholes!

This is “tolerance,” folks.

Welcome to the new Zeitgeist.

Update 9/1/2015

Unsurprisingly, Denver City (shitty) Council has backed down and awarded the contract. They, like other Liberal cities such as Chicago and Boston who tried to block Chick fil A from establishing business, undoubtedly were advised by city attorneys that they could be sued on grounds of┬áConstitutional violations of Chick fil A’s right to free speech and religious practice. Of course this wasn’t mentioned but we have are “assurances” that satiated the City Council’s anger which is clearly false in that City Council members never had a remote inkling of evidence of discrimination at any Chick fil A’s franchise, not counting that Council made it clear it was not on grounds of discriminatory acts, but of beliefs and free expression that select loud and radical Council members found personally offensive.

When Chick fil A wins, it never makes national news. The only things regarding that chain that make news are the radical homosexual attacks against it.